Type 1.5

I just found out that my great grandfather had type 1 diabetes. Since I am exhibiting signs of 1.5 I am going to ask for the gad 65 test. Should I also ask for a c-peptide test, or will my insulin I take interfere with accurate results?I got my lipid profile back and It is not typical of a type 2 diabetic. Here are the results:

CHOLESTEROL 186 Range0 - 199 mg/dL

HDL 53 Range41 - 89 mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol reference range for adults

41 or higher Desirable for Males

51 or higher Desirable for Females

LDL CALCULATED 121 Range0 - 129 mg/dL

LDL Cholesterol reference range for adults

129 or lower Desirable for most people

99 or lower Desirable for people with heart disease or diabetes

69 or lower Desirable for people with both heart disease and diabetes

TRIGLYCERIDE 59.0 Range0.0 - 149.0

So Just wanted to get your take on all this. I also have a pear fig. and not an apple.

Oh not to mention I will have had this for only 6 years as of July this year, and I am already on basal and bolus insulin.

Tell your doctor about your family history, that’s important. Ask for the tests and ask if your diagnosis should change from Type 2 to Type 1 or something else.

I don’t know if you insulin intake will interfere with the test results.


Hi Stardust: If you are concerned you might have slow onset Type 1 diabetes (sometimes called LADA and sometimes Type 1.5) you should request the full suite of antibody tests (glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GADA), islet cell antibodies (ICA), and insulinoma-associated (IA-2) autoantibodies), not just GAD. C-peptide can be useful. And be sure to mention the family history of Type 1.