Type 1 Diabetes 1900-1950

Dr. Elliott Joslin wrote the following article in 1950. It gives a report on Type 1 diabetes for the years 1900-1950. It is very interesting to be able to compare the now with the then while reading this article. Type 1 diabetics, and others, should find the article very interesting…rather startling too. Keep in mind that the first 21 years covered by the article preceded the discovery of insulin.



Dr. Joslin wrote:

I venture the thought that no one would now like to keep the carbohydrate in the diet of a diabetic
under 150 g.

He knew of the starvation and very low carbohydrate consumption protocol before insulin was discovered. This statement acknowledges that the ability to consume more than 150 grams of carbs/day was a success of insulin discovery. I wonder what he would think of some modern day diabetics using a low-carb tactic to keep blood glucose in a well-controlled range.

It’s amazing to see the progress made in diabetes treatment in less than 100 years. Thanks for the link, Richard.

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The best book about the period before the discovery of insulin is Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle [Thea Cooper, Arthur Ainsberg]. Thisis an incredible story. if you are interested.

Rick Phillips

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