Summer heat & insulin!?

This is my first summer with type 1 diabetes.. I'm going to the beach all day tomorrow, is it a bad idea to leave my insulin (novolog pen) in my bag, on the beach and in the sun, all day?! Will the heat destroy the insulin? If so.. any last minute tips to savor it?! Help, please!

Insulin in a bag in the sun on the beach might be a problem. A small cooler of ice might be the answer. Enjoy your day at the beach.

Gary S

It's too late for tomorrow, but for future beach days I recommend you get a frio. They work really well.

Can I butt in , please ? ...some of the websites about Frio :

Hi Zoe, I was going to suggest one but tomorrow is too soon for that. Good idea for the future. I don't have one but have thought about getting one. I don't know how well they work or how long they last. Could you enlighten me and JFramed.

Gary S

Thanks Nel

They work very well, Gary. You just renew them by soaking them again in cold water. Mine hasn't failed yet and I've had it a couple years.

PS I got mine for FREE from our local Safeway pharmacy ...lucky me ...and FRIO always goes with me on our travels .

We always err on the side of caution in the heat just to be safe. A cooler works. We’ve also used a small thermos with an ice pack inside. I would also suggest a ziploc bag or a small waterproof box for your meter & test strips to keep the sand out of them.

Enjoy the beach!

Great advice.. I didn't even think about the meter and sand! Thanks!

Thanks for the link... I will definitely look into it!

There's going to be many beach days coming this summer so anything is worth a try.. Frio will be ordered!! Thank you :)

Hi Gary, that's what I was thinking... but wasn't sure if it would make the insulin too cold!? Maybe ill wrap it up in a small towel or something??

JFramed - I like the Frio, too. Once you soak the Frio in water, it lasts for several days. It's a great low-tech solution.

It's also a good idea to keep your meter relatively cool and out of the direct sunshine. I know one of my previous meters would not let me test if the temperature was too high.