Type 1 father always worried

Well. Suppose that’s all plausible.
However I thought that some outside infection caused the auto immune response. So I was predisposed with my faulty immune system, but it was the virus that caused me to start production of GAD.
I really don’t know. Maybe that antibody was always there. I was not tested for it till I had been using insulin for 10 years.

I know these are all anecdotal, I was DX at 9 and my nephew at 3.

I have 2 boys (11 and 13) and whenever I see them drink water I freak out a little inside. Completely normal right? I do not want to get trialnet testing, I do not think my heart can take it.

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Sorry everyone I have been Mia. Just work and another kid coming soon took over my life. Just re read the whole thread and you guys are amazing. Couple of things since i first started this thread. Don’t yell at me for the first one

  1. I have been using the freestyle libre since it came out. I was using expired test strips to check her. Once I realized that I went a bought a new machine and strips and haven’t seen a bad number since. I know I am an idiot

  2. Still check her once every 2 to 3 months. But I have chilled a little.

3 if anyone is interested in opening some sort of better chat support group (not sure how to do that without using cell numbers) I would be interested.

Hope everyone is well.