Itty Bitty's Getting Diabetes

I have been a Type 1 diabetic for almost 20 years. I was diagnosed at age 7. I have a 3 year old son and a 5 month old daughter. I was just wondering how you can keep tabs on little tiny kids who might be at risk for diabetes? It’s not like my 5 month old daughter can say, “Hey Mom, I think my pancreas might not be making insulin.” Do you ever test their sugars? I’ve always prayed that my kids will never have to deal with Diabetes, but I know that’s out of my hands.

I share your concerns.I have been a type 1 for 22 years but it was 14 years ago since I had my last child.My oldest is 15 almost 16.I researched alot of things having to do with diabetes before conceiving.I had heard that it usually skips a generation.My dad’s aunt had type 1.That would have made her my great aunt.Out of all the children on my dad’s side of the family I am the only one with type 1.If your children aren’t too afraid you could test their blood with your machine.I have done my kids.They were okay with it cause they see their mom do it all the time.I was still concerned that it could still happen.

I was told they can screen kids to see if they are likely to develop type 1 or not, but since they can’t do anything about it if the test is positive, i decided not to pursue it.

I do check my youngest (2.5 years old) once in a while. She doesn’t mind at all, as she sees her big brother (5) doing it all the time. She has even asked me when she gets her pump! She is jealous!! Crazy kid! :slight_smile:

As a type 1 kid of a type 1 dad, I can say that he did indeed check my sugar levels occasionally. Sometimes after meals and sometimes just randomly before bed when he was doing his pre-bed check. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 19, and by then I was in school and Dad assumed I was no longer in danger of becoming diabetic, so the tests he did didn’t catch a diagnosis early, but they didn’t hurt too much as a kid. I think it was also one of those things that gave me an insight into what my dad was doing to treat his Diabetes. Now that we both have the D, we discuss it a little, but he and I have very different ideas about diabetes management (he does MDI, I am on a pump; I carb count, he reduces insulin when he eats less than normal - whatever that means).

The one thing I wish somebody would have told me was the warning signs of diabetes. I had many of them, but didn’t realize it until my glucose levels were 600+. Once your kids are old enough, let them know some of the symptoms. Until then, checking their blood sugar every now and again might be enough to allay your worries.

I was diagnosed 24 years ago and my daughter, age 15, was diagnosed at two. I noticed the typical symptoms (thirst, lots of urination, hunger) and did her blood sugar, which was just over 200. So, I would say to watch for those signs and then do a blood sugar if you notice anything suspicious.