T1 in 2 year old

I posted a number of months back about my then 1 year old and some higher numbers she’d had. The response was that I was overly anxious and was unnecessarily testing my daughter.
I’ve had some help for my anxiety however I’ve still had a nagging doubt over my daughter and her sugars.
I haven’t checked her for quite a number of months but the last couple of weeks she’s seemed thirsty and tired. I’ve taken three fastings - one was 90, one was 98 and one was 102.
I’ve checked one post eating - three hours since anything - and she was at 130.
I’m willing to be told I’m being overly anxious again - but am I?

In fact I’d be delighted to be told I’m just being overly anxious.
I am a second generation t1 which is why I’m concerned for my own children.

Those are all normal #s with a single outlier that doesn’t look particularly dramatic, given that kids have a lot more variability than adults and things like stress and exertion can briefly elevate BG. I don’t see anything that justifies being anxious about T1. So yes, I’d say just relax. Sometimes it’s ok to take “Everything’s ok” for an answer.

Thank you.
I’ve read mixed things - some people say children should be lower.
The fastings seemed a little high but it’s hard to know if that’s just what is normal for her.

While children should usually be on the lower end no Dr. that I know of would start any sort of treatment for those numbers anyways so even if she is starting to develop type 1 there isn’t currently anything you can do except keep an eye on her. You know better than most of the population what the signs of diabetes are so if she does start losing weight or acting odd you’ll be on top of it.

Is it possible for you to get autoimmune testing done on your kids? I know there is a service that does it if an immediate family member has diabetes that can maybe predict if the person being tested will develop diabetes in the next year or so.

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Yes it’s trialnet but it doesn’t run until they are 3 in the UK.
I just find it hard to plan anything - I don’t dare book a holiday for example as I don’t know if or when she will deteriorate.
I agree that currently little could be done.

Has anyone else experienced this with their child and it hasn’t gone on to be t1?

From everything I’ve read, children tend to have higher glucose levels than adults.

Your doctor tested her, and she was fine. Listen to him. Dont plan your life around a disease that she hasn’t been diagnosed with.