Waiting for t1

I’ve a daughter aged nearly 3 who I’ve been concerned about for over 12 months. A gut feeling I suppose and because of her birth (nicu baby) everyone said I was overly anxious.
However she’s been tired and grumpy the last few days and when I’ve checked her bloods two hours after eating in the evening (only time I’ve done them) she’s been around 150.
My feeling is that this is t1 but it’s not fast onset. I am t1 and my dad is LADA. I’m so heartbroken for her that I’m really struggling to carry on. It’s like a no man’s land where I’m just waiting for things to get worse but I have no idea of when this will happen.

How do you just carry on with this hanging over you? With it being Christmas as well sweets and rubbish food is everywhere.

What are here fasting glucose levels? With these postprandial glucose levels, your daughter probably won’t be diagnosed with diabetes. You should talk to your PCP if you want to know whether your worries are justified.

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If your GP thinks your daughter is fine, then stop worrying. It doesn’t benefit you or your daughter.


Yes I appreciate these worries have been going on for a while.
Certainly her two hourly numbers are high. I don’t know re fastings. I’m not taking them.
The dr wouldn’t be able to do anything right now as she isn’t diagnostic. The speed of progression has not been fast so far.
150 at two hours does not seem normal numbers - particularly when previously she would always be back in the 90s at the two hour point.

For now, I suggest you treat her as if she is not diabetic.

@Christina_Hughes had similar situation, and may have ideas to help cope.
Worried mom of a 3 year old!

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My daughter is very overweight.
I am probably clutching at straws but I did wonder about insulin resistance.
I guess t1 is more likely given the family history.

We are working on her weight. She is well over the 99th centile.

If she’s overweight, then type 1 is very unlikely.

It sounds like you’re testing her over the course of months because of a few mildly out of range bg levels. That seems pretty horrible for a 3 year old and a little unethical. I’d drop this possibility completely and stop testing her except at doctor’s appointments.

If you’re worried about the weight, then look into dietary changes. Your doctor may have some suggestions.

My niece was over 90th percentile on weight around that age and it all came off a year later. Her mother did make unrelated dietary changes though because they discovered she was having an allergic reaction to milk. That has since disappeared but she hasn’t gained the weight back.

I’d just talk to her pediatrician.


We had Simaliar issue Abigails t1 did not come on fast In fact it was fairly slow I feel. No hospital visit no dka. It started with a few out I range numbers and her not feeling well. Peeing more laying around. All the doctors kept telling me she was fine it was virus let it run it’s course but I could NOT shake the feeling something was wrong. She wasn’t getting better. We ended up testing her fasting before meal and 2 hours after meal and her at 2am. Also logged what she ate. Helped us to see and the doctors to see what was really going on.

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Thanks @Christina_Hughes

Maybe this will be helpful to @Bethshine82