Type 1: Healing vs. Curing

T1: Healing vs. Curing

"Cure combats illness; Healing fosters wellness.
Cure fosters function; Healing fosters purpose."

-Fred Recklau (author of Partners in Care, Medicine and Ministry Together)

The Cure.

A legendary rock band with awesome haircuts, yes...but for those of us living with T1 diabetes, it's an incredibly powerful concept...promising hope, a better quality of life, a better tomorrow.

Surely, you are familiar. Perhaps you've walked for a cure. Maybe you've biked for a cure. Donated thousands for a cure. Hoped for a cure. Prayed for a cure. Fought for a cure. But one thing is for sure...it doesn't matter if you're Albert Einstein or Sherlock Holmes...you most certainly haven't found a cure for T1 diabetes. Heck, you haven't even found a cause.

For those of us that have been living with T1 for some time, we are all too familiar with the frustration. As days become years, and years become decades since your diagnosis, perhaps you find that your personal hope for a cure has wained significantly; maybe even disappeared completely.

Well, if you've found yourself a little burned out on the whole never-ending "find a cure" search party...we have a different agenda that you may be interested in...one that involves action rather than hope; choice rather than disappointment...

...have you ever considered healing your T1 diabetes?

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T1: Healing vs. Curing

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