Define Cure

What is your definition of a cure?

I see it more simply. To me a cure is whatever makes my body be able to regulate itself naturally the way a non-diabetic could. No machines, special liquids, pills, or anything like that.

To me a cure from T1 diabetes would mean :

  • Eliminate autoimmune antibodies that caused T1 diabetes
  • Re-establish beta cells

That would cure me of T1 diabetes. Next would be assessing what damage has already been done by the high-blood sugars all these years and finding a cure for all that damage.

But I’m willing to settle for a cure for T1 diabetes for now.

First, note that a “cure” may not be (very likely, it will not) be the same for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. My definition of a “cure” is strictly for type 1 diabetes and is as follows:

  1. Perfect glycemic control without exogenous insulin, routine blood glucose testing or quarterly doctor’s visits. It must also result in an average lifespan close to normal, and possible reversal of so-called diabetes complications. It will drastically reduce the cost of care relative to all existing palliative treatments.
  2. Does not require a lifetime of immunsuppressive drugs (meaning that it is not trading one treatment for another) although I believe a couple of operations, a short course of drugs, perhaps even with periodic “booster” treatments would meet this definition)
  3. The cost of this cure will be such that it is widely-available, not limited to patients with unlimited financial resources.

Obviously, everyone’s personal definition of a cure may differ, but I don’t believe anything that fuels a multi-billion diabetes industry (unless the cure itself makes billions even at an affordable cost) qualifies for the definition of a cure.

a “cure”, to me, would be an operation (not life-threatening) and/or supplemental drugs (not life-long) to aid in growing beta cells and stopping the antibodies that makes T1D in the first place. I do believe it’s possible. Scientists are looking into bone marrow transplants that are doing these things. Though bone marrow transplants are painful and scary, if it extends my life and stops the necessary insulin injections and BG monitoring (atleast not DAILY monitoring) then I’d consider that a “cure”.

cure to me is the total elimination of the condition. And like Dave, I don’t think a cure is forthcoming. Treatment is not a cure.

Hi Dave_

Yes. I know that complications are results of Diabetes, however to cure the disease itself, scientists will have to focus solely on what causes Diabetes, not necessarily the entirety of results of having diabetes.

For example, kidney disease is a result of Diabetes complications- but to cure kidney disease, they will need to cure that on its own.

I know curing Diabetes alone won’t help everyone- I know it won’t reverse other complications, etc.- but it will help in a serious way, the quality of life of most.

That’s my opinion.

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Cure to me would be a treatment or treaments over a short period of time. After treatment, I would not need insulin, BG checks, and my body would self regulate. Any testing would be voluntary and not a requirement. As in if I want to make sure it is still working, not you have to be checked every 3 months to make sure it is still working. And without complications of its own.

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To me, a cure is restoration of the beta cells and no need for exogenous insulin. A cure wold be given in one to three treatments and would be permanent. A cure would mean no further T- cell auto-immune attacks that cause destruction of the beta cells. The cure may also result in some reduction of long-term effects of diabetes, because some people have documented anedectodal evidence of reversal of nerve , eye and kidney damage when blood sugars are returned to a normal level for an extended period of time. I personally believe that the body is meant to heal itself. And though I am 54 years old, I KNOW we will see the cure IN MY LIFETIME.

Relentlessly Optimistic

God Bless!

for me, it’s pretty simple… I never have to use insulin again

John Smith wrote: To me a cure from T1 diabetes would mean :

  • Eliminate autoimmune antibodies that caused T1 diabetes
  • Re-establish beta cells…

That is also what I see the cure would be. Otherwise, transplant of Beta cells created in such a way to not need the anti-rejection drugs. Even if I had to go for 3-month blood work, I’d be cool.

Only way we’ll see a real cure is if the fictitious Alien V’s land and open their healing centers.


Honestly, and I’m sure people out there don’t agree. I would be more than willing to live the rest of my life with diabetes if they could vaccinate against it for the generations to come…

omg, Maia, I totally agree with that. If that could happen then I would say “Mission Accomplished” to all the research orgs out there!

This would likely be my definition, as well!

A cure is something that makes my body naturally do what it was supposed to always do. No permanent implants, no constant chemical additives, nothing unnatural in my body after it is cured. (I am of course willing to take meds or undergo treatments to achieve this state, but the “cured” state will be all natural.)

While I certainly would choose that above nothing I think it’d be nice for both… no one ever deals with it again and us be cured. If they’re curing us it doesn’t make any sense for anyone to be able to get it again so that’s kinda a pre-requisite in my mind.