Type 1 & HIV

I’m reaching out to the community in hopes of finding answers since I don’t know where to turn…
I was recently diagnosed HIV+, which was an utter shock to me considering my life’s path. Questioining “why me, how did this happen?”

I was diagnosed Type 1 when I was 7 years old, which was devastating enough then, and I managed to cope with the changes in my life back then until recently where I’ve grown tired of having to check my BS levels 4 times a day, taking multiple injections to regulate, and still feeling like crap. Now add HIV to the mix and it’s like I’m back to that day in the doctor’s office when they told me that I was diabetic. Re-living that experience in itself was all I could think of.

I found out a week ago, and I was somewhat suicidal in thought at first, but I have gone past that. Now I’m just confused, angry, and have nowhere to turn.

My fears are that the medications that I will wind up having to take will affect my situation to the point where I will have no quality of life at all. I already suffer from bouts of depression and bipolar disorder is present in my immediate family, yet I take meds to keep me on the level.

I am just hoping that there are other members out there who are Type 1 & HIV+ or know someone who is that can help someone coping with a life-changing event like this a second time around.

Hi David,
I’m so sorry foryour new diagnosis. I don’t have HIV,but I am a gynecologist and have diagnosed many unsuspecting women over the years. Fortunately, today’s medications are extremely effective at controlling the disease. Don’t despair! My patients have carried pregnancies and given birth to HIV free infants,that’s how effective the meds are. Having any chronic disease is alot of work! We are all here to support you in any way we can. Every day we have is a gift!

I can only imagine, David, what you are growing through. Michele is exactly right that today HIV is a manageable condition. But that, I’m sure doesn’t take away from the shock and pain you are experiencing. Just like a diagnosis of diabetes, a diagnosis of HIV can bring on every feeling under the sun and feel like an emotional roller-coaster. I strongly encourage you to ask for referral to a support group in your area so that you can talk with other HIV+ people about how you are feeling. One to one therapy since you are already suffering from depression would be a good idea as well. While anti-depressive medications are often quite effective, I believe they are best when taken in conjunction with counseling especially when you are going through an emotional crisis.

I hope someone on here who is also HIV+ contacts you, but I strongly encourage you to seek out support in your area as well. Dealing with HIV and diabetes have some things in common because they are conditions you deal with one day at a time but that can easily overwhelm you if you let them. Even though you have been in a down face about your diabetes recently I’m sure that you have learned a lot of coping skills over the years that you can bring to bear now. The positive attitudes of people on here who live their lives with type 1 diabetes and live full and active lives can rub off in the best possible way right now. We may not also have HIV, but many on here are dealing with other complicating illnesses. And most important people on here care, so keep posting.

What Zoe said. David Good Luck and I’m really sorry you’ve got this new rollercoaster to ride.

I’m sorry you have to face yet another struggle. It’s devastating.

As the others have said, incredible advancements in HIV treatment. Have a friend who was diagnosed HIV+ in the 80’s when most people died. He’s doing great & is very healthy, strong & vibrant. No compromised quality of life for him.

Realize how hard it is given the HIV news, but please try to take care of managing diabetes. Believe me, we all know how exhausting this is.

There are members who have multiple diagnosis, like MS as well as other auto immune problems. Hoping there’s someone here who can offer a personal perspective.

I hope you do well facing this challenge. I hope you can find out the right path to get yourself healthy. I’d at least look into alternative protocols, because they are health building, unlike pharmaceuticals, which are generally toxic to the body–not to say that they’re without function. But alternative therapies can help your body deal with the medications. Check out some HIV/AIDS protocols here - http://www.garynull.com/GNthisArticle.php?article=6 - Not all of these will be your thing, but I respect the work of Gary Null in this field, and Apendix XII on that site might be a good place to start. You’ll feel better following that, combined with daily exercise (start with an hour long brisk walk), quality food (get off gluten and dairy - it’s always a good idea with immune system disorders), and a green powder (such as garden of life’s perfect food). There’s some advice you’re not going to hear anywhere else, but man will you feel better on this stuff. Work with your doctor, at least go over these options. The key is going to be to build up your health and your immune system - it’s not an impossible task! You need to make huge changes, the more you change the better you’ll do. Start with one thing at a time - remember, you have a path out, which is to become incredibly healthy. Message me if you need resources down the line.

David several years ago when I was having a particularly difficult time managing my diabetes I can remember thinking to myself that I was glad that I had no other health issues because diabetes alone was so challenging to live with. Then last year I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was facing another even greater health challenge. It has been a difficult and scary time for sure. Although cancer and hiv are obviously very different I think we face some similar obstacles. One thing I can tell you from my own experience is that attitude goes a long way. Staying positive during times like this is really tough but there are always positive things and people in life to draw from. Now is the time to turn to friends and family for support.

One other thing… I was in for a routine ct scan this morning. While I was waiting for the scan I was reading an article about Greg Louganis who has been living with hiv for many years. He is doing great. It was really inspiring to hear his story. I recommend reading up on him.

I’m sending good thoughts your way and wishing you the best!