Type 1 pre-conception planning - second pregnancy

Hey folks, I was just reading an article in Diabetes Health tracking a young type 1's pregnancy. I'm a lada type 1 since 2003. I'm looking forward to adding another kid to the fam this year. I am 32 and hope to start trying in April. Currently my A1C is 6.7 and my Doc is pleased with this if I were not trying to get pregnant. Long story short, I've been on the sensor since February and work with my diabetes educator and doc to try and level it out. My next A1C may well by 6 but probably just because of my lows. I had great numbers during my first pregnancy and I"m just looking for some feedback from type 1s who've had multiple pregnancies. What do your docs say? My goal is 6 before we start trying, but at the same time if I keep waiting and my husband (who is 8 years my senior) simply pick up a new set of risk factors because of our age that doesn't seem to make much sense either. Any thoughts moms (or dads)?

Hello Gabrielle,
I am type 1 diabetir since 1990 and I had two pregnancies in 2007 and 2008. For my doc the HbA1c at 6 is perfect but I can't say why it is enough for her. Now I'm trying to add another kid to my family and it is not easy. For me it's better with a Hb1ac correct start trying than to wait to the perfect hemoglobine and never have a chance. But I am just a patient/mother/diabetic and not a doctor.

I want to follow this post... I don't have much to add to the discussion, I don't think but would like to see what others say.