Type 2 and colonoscopy results

I am in shock after learning my colonoscopy results found a precancerous very large polyp. I also learned type 2 diabetics have a higher risk of colon cancer. I need to back in 6 months to make sure all is ok. They had a very hard time getting the polyp out. I have taken good care of myself,26 years with no issues from my diabetes. MayI encourage everyone to get a colonoscopy. Nancy50


I am sorry about your polyp. I had one removed from my stomach last year. :disappointed_relieved:

My interpretation of TD2 and colon cancer is that many TD2s have unhealthy lifestyles. Some shared risks include being overweight, sedentary and a high caloric diet.


I hope your next colonoscopy yields better results.

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Best wishes for your next check in!

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Thank you!

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Always good to be reminded to take care of these screenings!
Be well Nancy!

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I hope that your next scope shows good results. I’m glad they caught the polyp early!

I need to get a colonoscopy every five years for the rest of my life because an immediate relative of mine had colon cancer at a young age. They are one of the healthiest people I know! There is a strong genetic component, which is out of our control.


Same of me, except my sister didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle (also not diabetic). Still, a bit frightening especially having seen what she went through.