Type 2 and dealing with it

Type 2 here no meds A1c 6.0. I am sure I am not alone, how are others doing this

You are NOT alone. It is not an easy road to travel since our scourge is progressive. But I am 7+ years with no meds. I do a slightly modified Bernstein approach---25-35 carbs/day. That part of it has never wavered for me. I eat well. But my arthritis and my fibromyalgia are making it harder for me to exercise, which eventually will catch up with me. There is a Bernstein group here and also on FB......Stay in touch and blessings...Judith in Portland..

You aren't alone. And you should feel good about yourself. We each will find our own path. The thing is to do the best you can to keep yourself healthy and happy. Maybe you will be able to manage things like Judith, but maybe you will be like me. My diabetes has progressed despite all my efforts with Bernstein, exercise and medications. But I still have done all I can do to stay healthy while at the same time working to lead a normal satisfying and happy life. And in the end, when I am really, really old I know I can look back and feel absolutely no regrets.