Type 2 and sleeve gastrectomy success

I forgot to update this at the 1-year mark. My weight is holding steady at around 60 kg. I'm still running at least 15-20 km per week, doing Zumba and BodyPump. I'm as healthy as I have ever been in my life, if not more. My A1C is still non-diabetic and I currently have no markers of type 2 diabetes. I'm not going to call it "cured" but definitely "in remission".

I can eat just about anything I want, but I can only hold about 3/4 of a cup at a time. Certain vegetables like broccoli are difficult if they are not extremely well cooked.

If I eat a very carb-heavy meal with no protein or fat, I can go moderately hypoglycemic (reactive hypoglycemia) but have not gone below around 3.2 mmol/l. That was more than low enough for me.

My gall bladder did stop functioning and I had to have it removed. I have an affliction that about 25% of people with no gall bladder have called "bile acid diarrhea" and have to take two sachets of Questran every morning to control that. That's not related to the weight loss surgery directly and isn't related in the least to diabetes. After we figured out what the problem was, it's been pretty easy to manage. Beforehand, it was pretty ugly. FYI, my initial diagnosis for that was "IBS-D" or "IBS with Diarrhea", which basically means "You have diarrhea and we have no idea what is causing it." It turns out that possibly more than half of people with "IBS-D" really have bile-acid diarrhea and I'm glad I pushed harder for a diagnosis.

I'll come back periodically and update this thread if you guys want to hear how I'm doing. I especially want to be honest about any weight regain I might experience or any diabetic symptoms that may come back.


Congratulations on your excellent success and sharing your on going results
with the sleeve to us. Excellent results.

First of all, congratulations on your success.

I'd be sorta wary about having a GTT; especially when you've been doing so well. Maybe I'm more cautious than most, but I wouldn't drink a concentrated sugar solution that doesn't exist in nature. I would be concerned about burdening a pancreas, especially when it's been working right. You can't "undrink" it if it reverses your success. Many doctors don't use (or put much faith in) the GTT either.