Type 2 Diabetes and Auto-Immune Pancreatitis

My story is somewhat a strange one. Just over 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Pancreatitis (AIP). For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a relatively rare auto-immune condition where ones own body attacks the pancreas. After misdiagnoses of pancreatic cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, doctors finally figured it out and following a course of steroid treatment, the 'disease' went away. It may come back at any time, or it may never resurface.

Prior to the AIP, my blood sugar was always relatively low, in the 3-4 range. Now, post AIP, my blood sugar has always hovered in and around the 6 range (high 5's, low 6's). Doctors and specialists cannot seem to tell me whether the AIP is the reason, but to me it seems logical (the AIP probably damaged my pancreas as my body 'attacked' itself) and thus my pancreas may not function properly anymore. I have done the glucose challenge test, and it was fine (i.e., my blood sugar levels went down).

So, I guess what I am wondering is if anyone has either had a similar experience with AIP, or knows someone who has? I would love to talk with them to understand if they have had a similar experience, or what their doctors are telling them?

Just to be clear, AIP and LADA are not the same thing. I have done the research on this. In AIP, the pancreas becomes so inflamed that it typically constricts the bile duct, causing the patient to exhibit pancreatic cancer symptoms, such as jaundice, etc. AIP can be controlled by a short course of prednisone (steroid) or other immune suppressants, whereas my understanding is LADA cannot.

A course of steroids can result in Blood Glucose being set at a higher level for quite a long time afterwards. It may or may not lower over time, depending on your own body. And it's not possible to say that "AIP is the reason". There is no one reason. It is a cascade of physiological turns that happen.
Accept it for now that you're functioning! Healing is occurring! Quite a story you have!