Type 2 Goes Low!

I went to a party with a friend who has Type 2. We were commiserating about DM and she says, "The other day I was so low! I was at 120!"

My Type 1 self just stared at her and then stuffed my face with a banana because I was at 55 and dropping.

I have a classmate that has LADA (currently only treated on levemir and metformin) and she reacts to stuff in the 80's and 90's (and sometimes even low 100's) like how I do to the 50's and it make me really sad for her even though she's not the nicest person ever. Where I can understand that kinda thing, if you live in the 300- 500's forever due to the fact that some doctors don't care enough about treating it , 120 might seem low. I'd feel really bad for someone in this situation because it has to be hard when you feel like that when coming down to to normal levels. I didn't feel that way really, I didn't feel too low until I got my first hypo that I ever knew about.

Granted , my mom has a type 2 coworker that has extreme lows and highs and has to have the ambulance called for her on a very regular basis where I don't feel bad for long for people with normals that feel like lows. At least they're fine and don't need the ambulance.


When I was first diagnosed, as a Type 2, I was 349. I had no idea what a true low would feel like. My Endo said, that as I came down and into a better range, I would feel low, but not actually be low and to test. The very first time I felt like passing out, because I was "low," I was 152. Now, that isn't low for most of us, but after spending an unknown amount of time in the 2-300's all the time, I was low. It felt like a low. Now, when I feel low, I'm usually under 100. It's been a slow process and it will continue until my body is used to where I should be numbers-wise.

Imagine what she would’ve felt like at 55! The question is, how long has she been type 2. If its new and she’s used to being 400 than I understand it but if she’s been diagnosed for a while then she should not be feeling low at 150 unless she’s totally out of control

Renka - she's really new. :) Maybe... three weeks? They do have her coming down a bit slower than I might have been gunning for if I were her, but it's definitely in the works. Man, I remember being at 200 and crying because I felt so bad and was so scared. Also, you would not BELIEVE the look on her face when she saw my meter say 55. I don't think she knew you COULD go that low. She saw it, gasped, stared and then quietly goes, "do you want another banana?"

Lol… Well hopefully she never feels a 55! I hope she gets in better control. It’s so hard. I’m not perfect. I struggle a lot. I’m type 1 w gastroparesis. The lowest I’ve seen on my meter before I’ve passed out is 24!