Type 2 Social Networking Clinical Trial Results Presented at ADA Scientific


See my post at ChallengeDiabetes.com

84% of type 2 participants reduced their A1c an average of 1.1 pts on the A1c! This stuff takes a long time to put together so comments from the Tu community would be greatly appreciated.

More data on type 1 trials will be published shortly. And, a new trial for gestational diabetes is kicking off soon.


Wow, I hadn’t even heard of this. Do you have a link to more info? I’d think I would have seen it on the blogosphere somewhere.


(just posted on your blog this too)

This is extremely promising information

I can confirm from my own experience that results like this are to be expected. Through the participation and interaction TuDiabetes and the daily use of www.SugarStats.com (founded by Marston -who posted above me-; you can see my commentary about it here): I’ve seen an impact of almost 10% reduction in my average BG in the course of a month.

Learning from other people’s experience, for once; seeing you’re not alone; learning more about your eating patterns to adjust them: it’s all part of better managing diabetes.


The keys to making this work are about simple wireless devices for mobility, ease and automation, a sophisticated rules engine so data and info go where they need to go in the right format at the right time to various members of the social network. Depending on the scenario and profiles, things work quite differently and it takes a lot of trials and testing to get it right. Done wrong this stuff would be annoying and silly for the patient and a nuisance to their friends and physicians, etc…

You should be able to find quite a bit of info on the Web under wireless glucose meter and in our old press releases, trial writeups at clinicaltrials.gov, etc… We’ll be at the upcoming Children With Diabetes conference in Orlando in about 10 days, too.