Thank you

Thank you to the Tu Diabetes community for talking with me about my dissertation research. I’m still working on the diss, but I have had an article published in a journal that I’d like to share if you are interested. You can email be offline for an electronic PDF copy at


What are they about?

Hey aciderock23,

Mostly the way people become empowered and form community through online sites and other group environmentsl.I’m a rhetoric person so it’s very qualitative and about language more than numeric health outcomes.


Sorry…that should have been acidrock23 rather than aciderock23 in the response I just posted!


sounds interesting! I’d like to think there’s positive and quantifiable health benefits but I dunno. There are lots of members.

You’re right! The issue for me is convincing the health care folks that anything other than a “good” A1C is positive…that’s my goal in life!


I sort of try to be “beyond good and evil” in looking at numbers but feel good about taking poaitive steps to make them be where they are supposed to be, or just feeling like you can control things. A lot of times, the defense of higher A1Cs is that ‘it’s too much work’ to push things but I think that it’s a lot of work whatever your A1C is!

As I’ve accumulated more data through pumping and CGMing, I have kind of moved towards aiming for smoothness (StdDev) as the “big target” rather than BG and A1C but it also all sort of runs together. I would like to see the medical community put enough of a leash on their attorneys to be able to participate in communities like this more effectively but I realize that’s a huge reality shift.