Type 2's --- what's your exercise routine?

They tell us that exercise is very important to lowering you BG’s…I’m here to say AMEN. I had stopped exercising during the winter, and WOW what a difference it made in my sugars and my attitude.
I swim four days a week and ride a NuStep bike three days a week. Normally I go for about an hour, with short stops in there for a break…when I miss a date, well, it shows up pretty much right away!

Also, I’ve made it a date in my appt book, NOTHING, not even doc’s appt’s take that place ever! It’s just too important. There are many hours in the day for other things, but only certain hours I can exercise…or so I say to myself.

Tell me about your exercise routines and results.

Hello Cathy. I coudn’t agree with you more. I am not on insulin shots so,diet and physical activities is extremely important to me. 4 times a week, I do 45 minutes cardio workouts (taebo, zumba or kick boxing), I also run about 2-3 miles at least 4 -5 times a week (treadmill or at the park depending on the weather). On other days, I sometimes do some stationary cycling for about 3 miles at the gym. It is not a routine but on weekdays I also play a bit tennis and golf.

I admire and am jealous of your energy! I wish I could do those leg things, but no knees…I love golf, and don’t get to do it enough…but it’s been a great release that I don’t consider exercise 1/2 of the time.

I ride my bike every day for an hour. If, for whatever reason, I cannot ride I have a LifeCycle. Since I live in Michigan the winters can be brutal (although not always), so I will need to learn to love my LifeCycle it or replace it with something else. Yea, I watch TV, listen to music or read and that helps some…I just love being outdoors.

I am looking to add some weight training to my routine…just don’t want to add to the amount of time per day that I devote to exercise and at this point, I am not willing to give up any of the biking…because I really am addicted.

Keep up the good work.

I walk 4 miles each night at about a 4mph pace. That has helped tremendously. Just doing that and trying to eat low carb have resulted in my hba1c dropping from 7.3 down to 6.3 in the last 2 1/2 months. (not on any meds). Hoping all this walking will boost my HDL levels some - lipids are good except for that. Did notice that my pulse rate had dropped to 63 at last check (BP 104/61). That is down from mid to upper 70’s. Will have to see if that continues.

I try to walk about 3kms every evening… also belong to an indoor walking club at my local shopping centre and to that at least one morning a week as well as swimming once a week…


My new exercise routine involves taking our gigantic golden retriever for 3 walks a day. It’s easy for me now, but when winter arrives here in Wisconsin, I’ll be stuck inside. I would love to have a treadmill so I can keep the exercise going, but it’s way too expensive to join a club, and who can afford a treadmill? I still ride my bike and “play” with my kids and husband. Having MS makes it a little more difficult, but you gotta do whatever you can!

I went to the gym this morning at 6:00 a.m. I did 2 miles on the treamill and lifted a few weights. Before starting my bs was 101 and afterward it was 167.

Joan, I know I’ve read that people with dogs get more exercise… I know my two beagles are my best trainers, and almost cheap. They have the same need WALK…so with arthritis and diabetes, they are really helping me out.
You are right a treadmill is very expensive — there are tapes that you can put in the VCR/DVD that have excellent low impact and are very good — even with your kids; and I’ve seen a couple of really good couples ones, too. We have horrible winters here in SD…so I’ve used the tapes and of course swimming to keep me going…and YOU are 100% right, you do what you can and as much as you can.

Do bg’s usually go up that much after exercising? I’ve noticed mine do the same thing…adrenaline?

my wife was walking the dog and me around the park already for 20 min per day before dx, that only changed to 30 min and added some hills. also the timing changed. we used to walk as soon as i got home, now we walk after digestion and before testing, and the test determines what if any dessert i have.

i’ve found that exercise only helps after eating. i can work my butt off before and have highs all day, but a little exercise after usually gives good numbers.

remember the saying (citation needed): “If your dog is fat, YOU’RE not getting enough exercise!”

I agree, for diabetics, exercise is an immediate reward as the numbers always are lower for me. However, I don’t get there 7 days a week as you do. Congrats on that.

I understand that for some people they do go up temporarily, especially if they go before breakfast. I’ve been told that this is because the body feels stressed and so the liver pumps out sugar, just as it does in the dawn phenomenon. Maybe try going after eating. I usually go right after lunch and my sugar is always lower than before I go.

Check out a NordicTrack ski machine - less expensive than a treadmill and you get good arm exercise as well.

They say that it comes down the BG ultimately. Your A1c will show your sugar is down.
But what is the point. If on exercising the BG comes down you r tempted to do more and bring it down.
I too have the problem of BG remaining stagnant during and after workout in the morning and the BG falls dramatically duirng and afterthe afternoon workout. Strange.