Type I diabetic - what do you consider the best/easiest meter?

My son recently switched to the Tandem pump. He had been on the Medtronic and had always used One-touch meters. He did not like the Contour meter that came with the new Tandem pump a few years ago so he stuck with the One Touch Ultra. It is kind of cumbersome to carry in a pocket though.

He will be a sophomore in college and is talking about switching to a new meter. He wants something that is accurate, easy, fast readings and small if possible. Just thought I would throw it out here and see if people had suggestions or meters that they really like. He can use any meter he wants since the meter does not read to the pump.

Thanks for any input!

True2go meter with trueresult strips. Strips are $45 cash for 300 on Amazon. The meter has no bells and whistle but is smallest in the world. The strips are very accurate and repeatable. I pay cash for these instead of using one touch that my insurance would cover because I consider them much better.

Bernstein recommends the Freestyle Freedom Lite, and it rates among the top meters in accuracy surveys. I routinely check mine reading against what the lab gets, and it is consistently within a point or three. I also like the fact that it requires an extremely small sample.


Unfortunately True2go was discontinued just a few months ago.

i didn’t know that, I will buy a handful of them if that’s the case. I did notice that they now show up on the trividia company website instead of nipro diagnostics. They’re still available I think.

It’s big brother is the trueresult meter, which is basically the exact same thing but bigger and with 30-60-90 day averages, plus programmable alarms— all useless features as far as I’m concerned, so I’ve opted for the smaller one…

Geez I’ve just googled it and see you’re correct… They’re being discontinued. That absolutely sucks, not sure what I’ll do…

Edit to add I just ordered 2000 strips on eBay. I suppose I may switch to relion prime if these become unavailable (which will be unfortunate because I hear they’re not that great). Contour and contour next strips are also available for reasonable cash prices although substantially more cost, they still haven’t sold out to the insurance only rigged market, so I may research those options. I absolutely will not play games with an insurer for test strips though.

After a little research it looks like the truetest strips and comparable meters are basically being rebranded and slightly updated to the new “truemetrix” brand by their new owner, trividia health. I will be watching this closely as their new product line rolls out, and hoping that the truemetrix strips are available at comparable price level and quality level as their truetest predecessor.

I really like the Freestyle Lite. It’s compact and seems pretty accurate. Actually it’s the smallest meter I’ve ever used, though I’m not sure if it’s the smallest of the meters.

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Here is a pretty good list of meters and their features: http://www.diabetesforecast.org/2016/mar-apr/product-guide-blood-glucose-meters.html

I prefer the Bayer Contour for it’s accuracy and pump link ability. Even the smallest meters require a canister of strips (unless the meter is a drum type), and a lancer device. My stuff fits in a cargo pocket if I’m out playing, or in my purse in one of the side pockets. Do check with insurance to make sure the choice is covered in the plan.

I use a Contour Next USB meter, Multiclix lancing device, OneTouch strip container (but I put Contour Next strips in it, obviously), and it all fits in a tiny True2Go case. I like the True2Go meter, just cannot see the screen on that thing at all. I need a meter with a high-contrast backlit screen.

Thank you to all of you who gave me some input. I appreciate your advice. If anyone else has a favorite meter, please add your comment.

I have just switched to freestyle lite and freedom lite. So far I like them. I don’t like the case for the lite and I still can’t figure out how to scroll through the meter to see my last reading. I had that problem with nearly every meter I’ve had. Mine is running a little higher than my last dexcom sensor( which seemd to be super accurate to my symptoms) a lot of the time, but I think the sensor started to go bad yesterday and today which could have affected things. I like the test strips, very light and they have cute little butterflies. I’m still getting used to adding the blood to either side of the test strip.

The freedom lite has a nice display light and it beeps when the blood is absorbed and then again when your reading is done which takes 5 seconds. It has a very small blood sample.

The meter is still larger than what I’m used to because I was using the ibg star. But it’s still smaller than most others.

And the hoarding of truetest strips has begun… Day 1


Sam19, did you check those strips to make sure they’re not on the recall list?

As far as I understand there’s only any potential issue if they shipped with the lid not closed… If any don’t have the lid closed when I open them I’ll just throw them out…

Edit to add-- but yeah I just checked and none are in those lots… Even if they were I’d just inspect the lid to make sure they’re ok.

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My daughter is using the Freestyle Lite. I like the strip light & small sample size, but I honestly feel like it reads a little low. We had the Accu Chek Nano before & I could predict her A1c off her averages. Not so with the Freestyle. The Nano has been her favorite of all the meters thus far.

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Love this! Another Type 1 readying for the Zombie Apocalypse (it’s only a matter of time).

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My daughter started with an AccuChek meter, then switched to the Freestyle meter incorporated into her OmniPod PDM (a.k.a. “The Brick”). Definitely prefer the Freestyle, but YDMV…

You should see the rest of my supplies… I just started hoarding truetest a couple days ago (the stockpile in that photo has doubled since photo)

I’ve been hoarding insulin for 5 years, have pretty much a whole full sized fridge devoted to it, been hoarding guns and ammo for 20… Use your imagination

Gotta step up my game RE guns and ammo.

Has anyone tried the Gmate or Ihealth strips and meters that plug into smart phones? I hadn’t heard of these before, but their cash price looks quite affordable at $9-12 dollars /50 on Amazon…

Looks like they both track everything in smartphone apps. The only strip I had been previously aware of with all these features was the Ibgstar (or whatever) which I never investigated bc my impression was that it was high priced… But these two options look intriguing…