Type II doing diet and exercise only Can you please tell me your blood sugars throughout the day?

I was recently diagnosed and I won't see my doctor until next month. He didn't tell me to monitor my blood glucose at home, but I am still doing it to know how I do with certain food. My fasting glucose is usually around 98-107, no matter what I do (or not do) i can't make them go down. As for my 2-hour after each meal, my blood glucose is usually between 117-127. I know that everybody is different, but I would like to compare my readings with other Type II diabetics who are NOT using medications or insulin, just diet and exercise. I will appreciate your response. Thanks.

I have about the same fasting numbers you do… I used to be in the 80s, and even 70s, sometimes, but now I never drop below 100, usually… If I eat a piece of cheese right at bedtime, I may drop to the mid 90s… or lower 90s. But that’s it. I eat by what my glucose meter dictates, so I only consume just enough carbs so that I never exceed 140 mg/dL at 1 hour, or 120 mg/dL at 2 hours… Sometimes, meals delay pikes to 2 1/2 or 3 hours, if they have more fat than usual… so I keep that in mind, too… for the most part, my last A1C test kit was 5.3%. My BG tends to return to the low 100s through the day, and in between meals.

Hi, Aquarius. I’ve been type 2 for about 10 yrs and 3 years ago I added NPH insulin to my diet , excersize, & metformin regimen. I absolutly love NPH. I take 10 units in the morning and 10 at night and my BS rarely goes above 135, and I feel great. With out insulin and only metformin, my BS never exceeded 190. With just diet and excersize my BS ranged from 150 to 375. Oh boy, looking back on these numbers brought back memories of extreme exhaustion and not feeling right. When my BS reached 300 I was pretty much worthless and had to lay down and sleeep.
now, one word of warning I found out last july, 2009 the dye they inject you with for cat scans is iodine based and any trace of meformin in your system will react with it and KILL your kidneys. B4 theycould do a cat scan I had to be off metforsoured metformin a week before and after. kind of soured me on it. During that time I used only insulin to regulat my BS and my numbers only went up to . 175. The point is don’t be afraid of insulin injections.

Aquarius…I used to have those fastings when I was in my late 20s and 30s. Since I hit 40, my fastings run over 125 pretty regularly, but never over 140. I used to never go over 160, but again, now that I’m 44, I will hit 200 if I’ve eaten a cookie or some ice cream or cereal or a banana. Metformin only brought that down a little. I tried insulin - that contributed to my mega weight gain.

So now that I’m on Byetta, my a1c is 5.2, and while my fastings are still 125, my 2 hour postprandials never go over 130. I am now in the range of 90-100 all day long consistently!

I, too, controlled my diabetes all throughout my 30s with just diet and exercise. Somewhere around 36, I developed high trigylcerides, then at 38, high blood pressure, then at 40, my a1c went to 7. That’s when I started meds.

I think your readings sound fine! You could always go lower I guess, but those are pretty enviable readings for a diabetic, I think!

those are great numbers to shoot for and just my .02 but I don’t think you should kill yourself to try and lower either of them.

definitely track your food and how it affects your blood sugars. it helps you a lot to figure out what you can eat and how portions play a part. keep up the great work

Like you I wondered when I was initially was diagnosed how my blood glucose compared with others.

This reference gave me that information. http://tinyurl.com/2lshrb gives the mean continuous blood glucose for 21 non-diabetic subjects.

Looking at your numbers I expect you will be in the 5% to 6% range for your HbA1c reading, which is essentially normal.

Morning = 70-80

Two hours after:
1st meal - 98
2nd meal - 96
3rd meal - 95

Cheat days
Two hour readings:
1st meal - 110
2nd - 107
3rd - 103

Latest A1C was at 5.2 that was back in November.
My spikes on cheat days can go up to 120’s which is about 30-45 after I ate.

When I was Dx’d I was fasting in the 160’s and the A1C was 7.6

Diet wise I kept it simple no rice, flour, breads, sugars ect…
As far exercise I do, I switch up my cardio every day with ether a 4 mile run/jog or 45 minutes on the elliptical on level 5. Weights right now are 3 times a week.
BUT seriously my glucose numbers was due to my weight loss (over 100lbs)
When I even dropped 30lbs my numbers where in the normal NON diabetic ranges. I didn’t even exercise. Hope that helped!

great job!

I find that I’m saying this to people a lot lately, but…

What made your doctor believe that you have T2? There is such thing as a slow progressing T1. I know, I have it and my bgs began in your range and then continued on a pattern of plateaus and rises. You could ask for an autoantibody test to ensure that your diabetes is not autoimmune (i.e, T1).

Hi Kelly, thanks for your information…I will soon see my Dr. on April 5th and I will ask him about this…but on my last appointment he asked for several tests, I remember he mentioned a c-peptide tests…is this the same as an autoantibody test? He called me with the results and he said those were fine, but I will ask again. Are the autoantibodies supossed to show since te beginning of your diagnosis or can they appear later as the diabetes is progressing? Thanks a lot. I don’t know why my doctor think I am T2, probably because my A1c during my pregnancy was fine, and the second A1C after my delivery was higher…it was 5.4 right after I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes then it went up to 6 when my baby was already 3 monthsm but following diet. .I can’t wait to see what is it now…Thanks again.

My numbers rarely go below 100, once in awhile I go to the mid 90’s. Fasting are usually 105-130. Lately they have been higher becuse I have a cold. Most 2 hour numbers are in the 100-115 range. I follow a Bernstein type diet so I only eat enough carbs to nourish me and I never spike. I get my biggest spikes from liver dumps when I am sleeping or inbetween long stretches of not eating. I take metformin which is suppose to work in the liver to limit spikes. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t.

My fasting numbers are usually 110-120 mg/dL, but might be in the 90s if I had a glass of wine the night before. My PPs are usually in the 120-140 range. My last two A1Cs were 6.3%.

I try to limit my carbs to under 30 g per meal. I workout 30-90 minutes a day. I do at least 30 min of cardio every day and usually three 30 min strength training sessions per week. However, I can’t be sure if the diet and exercise are helping me control my blood glucose, since I was on the same exercise routine before my diagnosis, and my numbers have gone up slightly since I started limiting my carbs about a year ago.