Type of Formula?

HI Eveveryone! Our little girl Emelia was born on July 29th via c-section and is doing well. However, I seem to be the opposite. I lost so much blood during the c-section I had to get a blood transfusion and then two weeks later my incision reopened due to fluid build up and a skin infection. I was rehospitalized for another five days. Since then, I've stopped breast feeding and only pump a few times a day. I just reached a point of being so completely overwhelmed that I would just cry when I tried to breast feed. (My incision is still currently an open wound, since it has to heal from the "inside out"!)

Originally, when my husband and I talked about formula, I said I wanted to use a special kind based on a study that found that Nutramigen and Allimentum reduced the risk of children getting one of the autoantibodies that predicts the risk of getting T1... however, it is more than twice the cost of regular formula and my baby doesn't really like it all that much! Unless she's really hungry, she lets it just flow out of her mouth... Now I'm wondering, is it a big deal to switch to regular formula? The study was only preliminary, and it was a small percentage decrease in getting something that doesn't even 100% mean a child will get diabetes. Am I being paranoid? For those of you that used formula, what did you do?

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Megan – congrats on the birth of Emelia!! I’m so sorry that you have been through so much since then. I can only begin to imagine how stressful and draining this has been for you.

I don’t know any specifics about the different types of formula, but I am skeptical about all the theories about what causes type 1. The truth is that we don’t know. I was breastfed and developed type 1 at the age of 21. I doubt that the fact that I had cow’s protein at the age of 6 months caused an autoimmune reaction to develop 20 years later. If I were in your shoes, I would give the formula that she prefers.

But just to mention another option, have you considered giving her donated breast milk? There are networks of mothers who donate and receive breast milk, such as MilkShare. The only cost should be for the supplies to store and the costs to transfer the milk.

A lot of what I’ve run across primarily expresses concern over cow dairy formula. I opted for soy formula (first as a supplementation, now as his only food) because of that. I asked his pediatrician about formula and dairy vs. soy, and he said that formula is designed so that the body doesn’t even recognize it as a foreign protein and he doubts it’s a concern. He said he had no problem with us sticking with soy, but he believes cow dairy is perfectly safe, as well. (He did say that exposure to regular cow’s milk too early, like before a year, could theoretically be an issue with T1.) We’ve stuck with soy since that’s the only formula he’s known for his two weeks of life and we haven’t had any need to try another. It’s not any more expensive than dairy formula of the same brand (Similac, in our case).

So, there’s what our own pediatrician has said and what we’ve done so far. If you’re able to get donated breast milk, then there’s a solution that might be easiest on your mind.

Congrats on your little girl, and I’m so sorry your C-section has gone so poorly. :frowning: I had a C-section as well and have had no problems and even that is hard on the body, and therefore also on my emotional well being! Frankly, I’m impressed you’ve stuck with breastfeeding this long. You’ve had far more to deal with than me, and I’ve finally stopped. (Stopping, in my case, really relieved a lot of my postpartum depression and is also freeing my psychiatrist to prescribe the best medication for me without putting Xander at any risk from meds in the breast milk. None of these events are very shocking… I’m dysthymic and knew my postpartum depression had the potential to get out of control.)

I wish you good and speedy healing from here on… and lots and lots of happiness for your family!!!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and suggestions- I hadn’t heard of either milk sharing or using soy formula, so let the research begin!