Ugh! sick days

I hate being sick! not just because your sick! because you could be chillin with a 100BG and than an hour later be at 180 with not eating anything! =/ I dont like this one bit! I am also learning that everyday diabetes is getting harder and HARDER. I wish we could take a vacation from diabetes!

I definately agree with the vacation part =) but, diabetes loves us so much, it won’t go away! yeah, sick days are no fun. jumping all over the place with doing nothing. it takes some going through to get a sick day routine down. good luck with your numbers and hope you feel better soon =]

Yeah. My sister just gave me a killer cold. Not only does it take me forever to get over colds, but… my BG is weird, too. Last night, I was at 150 at bedtime… and I shouldn’t have been, because I counted my carbs really well. Oh well.

My wife is fighting a bug and last night I thought I was getting a headache which I hope was not the beginning of a cold. My bs was 87 before bed and 117 this morning!?!?!?!?!

oh, that’s weird. do you normally raise during the night? i always go down like, a lot during the night. like, last night, i went to bed high (150, which is not normal at all), and i woke up at 90. i love how my body will always fix whatever went wrong the day before. so, i always get to start over again the next day. but, yeah… i wonder if your waking up high means you’re getting sick…hm…

That was my concern … In the beginning I was up and down and no rhyme or reason. Once I leveled out I typically go down overnight. I hope I am not getting sick…