Recently dx'd and now have questions about cold season

I was dx’d on 10/10/2008… I’ve been to my endo and nutritionist since then, just a few days ago, to be honest, and my BG’s have gone from 317 initially to an amazing 12 days of 88-103!! They were all thrilled, along with my having lost 7 pounds in that month… the amazing thing about the weight loss is they put me on Lantus, which is supposed to make me gain what, 25 or more pounds… they were thrilled… as was I cheezie grin

My question comes into play here… a couple days after that our friend brought over his 18 month old who is getting over some sort of illness… and I believe I have caught something… my BG’s are about 20 points higher than they were for that “amazing 12 days”… is this typical? Is this my body’s way of trying to get more energy to my cells so that I can heal faster? I’m running around 115-126 when I wake up… I know those are “normal” levels of BG, but I like seeing the near 100’s… after my meals my BG’s are around 135-148… so those are still pretty good… but… HELP!!! Is this normal? Or has something gone horribly wrong???

Your blood sugars will run higher when you are sick, or just before your period. It’s normal. I usually up my meds to cover it.

P.S. The higher sugar level in your blood means that the energy is not getting into your cells.

Hi Squibble,

Congrats on the awesome numbers & on losing weight. I was on Lantus for 6 months & didn’t gain a pound.

Being ill can sure raise BG, but usually it’s more than 20 pts. Maybe you’re just slightly under the weather.

Don’t want to burst your balloon, but normal fasting BG isn’t 115-126. You might want to speak with your endo about slightly increasing your Lantus.

Congrats on the great #'s. Get well soon!!!

my fasting numbers were around 88-103… until these last couple days.

thanks for the info, that’s what I thought but wanted to kinda ask others…

Thanks Ron… I’m working on getting well… gosh I hate being ill… LOL I think we all do, eh?

That is (was) perfect! SO frustrating. Hope whatever bug you caught is soon gone & your numbers go back to normal. Something to check, if you haven’t already, is to be sure your insulin hasn’t expired. When I was on Lantus, it lost potency by day 26 or 27. Supposed to be good for 28 days, but I didn’t find this to always be the case. As soon as my fasting numbers started climbing, I’d check the calendar & sure enough it was the Lantus. New bottle–back to normal. I’m now on Levemir & it’s more stable for me.

I JUST got my Lantus refilled… so I don’t think it’s bad… I do keep it in the fridge until the day before I need the new pen… that way it doesn’t hurt as bad…

Thanks for the support… and it is so frustrating to have awesome numbers, then going back to 20points up… sighs

I am resting and taking a few meds for my cold, and drinking plenty of fluids…

Before my DX, I wouldn’t really have thought too much about my sore throat, now… everything seems magnified as I’m taking better care of my whole body and listening closely.

Come to think about it… the Lantus pen I have been using was one I recieved from my dClinic… I was running very short on money and had asked if they happened to have an “extra” one … hmmm… will definately check into that… thanks again for bringing that to light! Just checked, it says it doesn’t expire til 02.11.11 :-s I don’t know… it’s probably this silly bug… I"m definately doing what I can to fight it off!! :slight_smile:

Sorry, was hoping it was something as simple as insulin that had lost its potency.

I hear ya–I’m the same way. Before, I never thought twice about getting sick, or being around people who were ill & I never got sick. The simplest things do get magnified.

Rest & fluids–all you can do. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you don’t feel better soon & check about which cold meds are best. I never called mine with a cold before being diagnosed, but now I do.

Easy to say & hard to do, but don’t stress. Nothing raises BG like worry & stress. Not that it’s much consolation, but some people’s BG goes over 200 when they’re sick, so you’re doing better than you think.

Get well soon!

Thanks Gerri!! You definately made me look at a couple things a lil differently. All is never a piece of cake when it comes to Diabetes, I’m definately learning that.

I think it’s just a “mild” cold, so maybe my BG’s will get back down when it’s gone. I just feel tired, and I hate that cuz that’s how I was before my dx… haha I seem to get better, then start feeling poorly due to a cold and feel the way I did before sighs I know, it’s a never ending battle, no matter how we all look at it.

Again, thank you! Just for being you!

Glad to have helped a little. I was hesitant to say–it could be worse because it pisses me off when people say that to me:) Everyone has a right to feel concerned about themselves & what other people experience, or that it could be worse, doesn’t really factor into one’s personal experience at the moment. But, I was hoping it might make you feel a tiny bit better. I’m relieved.

Ugh, that tired, draggy feeling because BG is high is the worst.

People who have good control have a difficult time accepting that some things, like getting sick, are beyond our immediate control. I know because I’m like this:) I used to get so freaked & bummed whenever I saw high numbers. I’m trying hard to put things in a longer term perspective & accept that some days will be great & others not so great. Diabetes is a full-time job, but it’s not our only job. Job #1 is being a person first to me.

Be proud of how fabulous you’re doing–that took work & diligence! Hope you’re all better very soon. Take extra insulin, if you need to now with your doctor’s guidance. Numbers will come back down–promise.

So nice to have met you!