Ugh The Pharmacy gave me the wrong needles

Had the wife pick up syringes today on the way home from work as I was down to my last 10. Turns out the pharmacist gave her 50 unit 29 gauge standard length ones. I am squeamish enough doing belly shots with a shot needle but these things look like rail road spike. I should of stated to the wife what to get and I hope the pharmacist had asked her what I wanted and she didn’t know. guess I’m doing leg shots for awhile. Or should I just go refill the script with what I want and keep these for back up.

I seem to get the wrong size at least a couple times a year. I hate the big ones. I seem to bruise and bleed much more often when I wind up using them. It’s usually the length that bothers me more than the gauge.

I would use what you need until you can get back to the pharmacy to exchange. I’m sure they will exchange it even if you used a few. They are either 10 packs sealed or singles packaged so they will have no problem re-selling those.