Wrong syringes vent

I woke up this morning and as I do every morning, reached into the fridge for my lantus. Realizing I needed a new syringe, I walked into the bathroom, opened the cabinet and grabbed a new bag from the box I’d opened and unloaded into the cabinet a few days ago. Then I opened the bag and gritted my teeth with frustration. They’d given me the wrong kind of syringes for the second time in a row. This time, the pharmacy failed to give me the short needle. Last time, the gave me a full cc when all I need is 1/2.

I gave my shot with the too big needle and later today, will have to return to the pharmacy and hope that they will return this box for me (even though I threw the box away! yikes!) because I am not going to do 5 shots a day with a 1/2 inch needle! Would you do 5 shots a day with this giant thing? No. Neither will I. Why can’t the pharmacy get it right? On my prescription it reads: BD, Ultra Fine, 1/2 cc, SHORT needle! Now I fear I’ll be stuck with these syringes b/c I threw away the box. I can’t afford to pay for a box of syringes that I won’t use. So frustrating!

I had the same thing happen to me with pen needles, They gave me the 8mm 30g el-cheapo’s that seemed like they didn’t have any lubrication on them and seemed dull. My endo had written 3/16 31g on the script. After putting up with about 100 of them a month had gone by and I went back and refilled the prescription and made sure they gave me the right ones.

yeah, I’m not sure who is to blame…BD syringes for making all the different boxes look exactly the same, the pharmacist for not reading the script correctly or me for not double checking before I walked out of the store?

very funny!

I haven’t had too many problems with getting the wrong stuff for my D. But then that may because the one woman working there is also a diabetic and is a little more careful with it for me. But then it is early yet only had D since jan.

I work in a pharmacy and see this quite often . The people who dont take shots dont get it ! I had a discussion about the novofine pen needles verses store brand the other day the pharmacist couldnt belive there was a noticable difference . Im sure they will exchange your needles they really have to if thats what your rx says .


I’m on a pump now, but within the last 6 months I’ve had difficulty getting the right syringes both times I needed them. The first time, we were going on vacation, so I wanted some in case of emergency or in case I decided to take my pump off. The second time I got caught at a party away from home without insulin in my pump (stupid me being unprepared!), so I needed syringes and insulin to last me until I got home. Both times, I tried to get 30cc short needle syringes in 1/2 unit increments. I was very careful to point out I wanted the 1/2 unit increments because I’m used to being able to give myself such small doses on a pump. Both times, I got the wrong syringes. The first time, I went through all this rigmarole with my pharmacy before I ended up getting what I wanted from a different pharmacy. The second time, I was stuck with 50cc long needle syringes. It was very frustrating. Now I have a ton of syringes I’m never going to use on top of the ones I still have from 4 years ago when I first got my pump.

You’re right, thankfully the pharmacist switched them out without a problem! But still…a big hassle that has happened one too many times!

good to know! thanks.