UGH....with my insurance

Am on the line with Liberty to order my supplies. I do hate doing this every month, but I need it to live!
I need to waste around a half hour on the phone, just to call and be placed on hold plus repeating the same stuff again and again!!! Address, supplies, insurance,…

WOOF…just finished and it toke 21 minute!!!
They used to send me a letter by mail that I sign it and thats it, but no more!?

Please share any struggles or enjoyment while dealing with insurance or ordering your supplies…(THE FOOD that we live on!!)

I get my prescriptions through Express Scripts. Last year my insurance went to mail in for any maintenance drugs. I like it because all my information is on line and whenever I need refills I just click on order now or contact doctor. And they are pretty quick in delivering too. The down side is they won’t let me order enough test strips. At first it was because I was not on insulin and they thought I should only being tested once a day. Now that I’m on insulin I’m only allowed to test 3 times a day. Probably because I’m a T2. I’m hoping that they let the T1’s have as many strips as they want. I just mailed in a prescription yesterday for more test strips. I want to see how long it takes them to process.

That is cool, wish that Liberty do that on line thing! Will save lots of effort. Thx for writing Kathy

I get my supplies from a mail order pharmacy that is close to my house (fortunately) in southern california called Advanced Diabetes Supply. I’ve been with them for about two years and there pretty good about getting me my supplies on time, in fact they call me when its time to reorder my supplies which is cool because I hate those damn automated services. Saves me time so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s also nice to have them so close to me because it wont take a week to get my supplies like I experienced before with Liberty. :frowning: all in all I would give them an A- only because one time they shipped me the wrong test strips, but that was resolved fairly quick.

I did not Liberty when I called them about getting supplies from them. I would call the insurance company and see if you can not switch the place were you get your supplies from. Let them know why you would like to switch. They may decide to not use Liberty if they get enough complaints or they may not care who you use.

I call Home Link I just let them know what I need and I am done. My phone call may last 5 minutes and that is with me changing my order each and every time I make an order. They are so nice on the phone. They even apologize for it taking 7 days to get my supplies to me. Truth be known I have always gotten my supplies from them in 3 day.

I use a company by the name of Great Lakes Medical Supply. Cannot say enough nice things about them. They call me once a month and ask if I need my pump & testing supplies and my meds. Never pushy just…nice. They are located in Michigan but send my supplies to me in Ohio in the summer and Florida in the winter.

I get my strips and lancerts through Edgepark - they automatically ship my stuff every three months. No need to call and order unless I needs supplies inbetween.

I’ll just say the Phoenix VA Hospital rules. Might have to wait an hour for your order to be filled at the pharmacy, but free can’t be beaten.

FREE…Thats amazing…good for you man