Where Do You Get Your Meds, Supplies and Accessories?

Dear Friends:
First off, thanks to everyone for coming on board, participating and sharing in the scale that it is happening. It is humbling and inspiring at the same time.

As a means to help us continue to grow the community, I would like to look at options that would be serve well the interests and needs of the majority of the members, as a possible complement/substitute to the Google Ads we have on the right.

If there are any providers for your medications, supplies and accessories, that you have had a positive experience with, that you feel everyone should be exposed to, I’d like to hear about them, so that we may approach them.

So far, I’ve heard very positive feedback from two members about American Diabetes Wholesale, but that is the extent of it. How has your experience being like with any them or any other providers?

In short, I would like to ask everyone their thoughts on how you see the site offering you options that you may feel a bit more comfortable about, than some of the sometimes outrageous claims we find now and then in the Google Ads.

I currently get my pump supplies from a place called pumps-it out of houston. My Dr office signed me up with them and have no complaints at all. I get a nice big box of stuff every three months, and a bill at the start of the year to take care of insurance. Since I bought my pump through them, I can pay them however I want for my supplies (all at once vs payments).

As for insulin, My local grocery store is the place to go. I know the pharmacists there and they will work hard to get me stuff quickly. I lost a vial of insulin once and it was my last one. They called around and had a new prescription driven in that day, and it was a Saturday! I think I will be sticking with them for a long while.

I use Acces Diabetic for meter supplies Super D for scrips and MM for pump supplies is there anywhere I can get all at 1 time?

I get all my supplies , pump, strips and CGMS and sensors from Focus Pharmacy . This is a mail order I found in Diabetes Forcast magazine . they accept what my ins pays so all I pay is my deductable at the beginning of the year . One of the things I like most is when I call to reorder supplies a real person answers ! I hate Automation . I ususally get with in 2 days you gotta love that . They also have a referal program where they give you a 50.00 gift card time someone signs up with them that you refer .

This isn’t specific to Diabetes, but rather Prescription Help.
RX Outreach is a website that you can get a 90 day supply of meds for either $20, $30 or $40 per prescription, (price depends upon the tier level of the med), no matter how many pills you take per day of that med.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes I didn’t have insurance (still don’t) and this place was a God Send to me!! They don’t ask for an arm and a leg, nor your first borns and your gramma’s birth certificates either! You give your docs name, address and phone number, your name, address, phone number, SS#, and yearly income (don’t have to send in copies of tax forms!), a written prescription for each med you are ordering, for up to one year’s worth of refills(3) , and a check, money order or credit card # for the price of the meds you are ordering. No enrollment fees. Meds sent directly to your home, or other address you prefer to recieve your meds at [except P.O Boxes I think], so your home, your work place, your docs office, where ever. Quick service! My first order, I mailed in my form, prescription and check and had my meds at my door in about 10 days I think it was. Super friendly people to speak to when you call too!!

They’re income requirements are VERY reasonable!!
You =Income Less Than $25,525 a year
You + 1 =Income Less Than $34,225 a year
You + 2 =Income Less Than $42,925 a year
You + 3 =Income Less Than $51,625 a year
Add $8,700 for each additional person, per year

Refills are easy too, if you have a credit card, just call them, they take your number, and in about 4 - 7 days you’ll have your refills (longest mine ever took was 4 days!). They send you a reorder form with each package of meds you get, so you can mail it in as you did for the first batch.

All meds are generic. They don’t have EVERY generic med out there, but they have a pretty good assortment of commonly taken meds, and their list is growing all the time. No, they don’t have insulin. :frowning:

Oh, and if you have medicare, medicaid, or any other health insuranace or benefits, no problem!! You’re still eligable!!! I HIGHLY reccomend them! They’ve saved me LOTS of money!!! The only reason I’m not currently using them, is Walmart came out with their $4 Prescription Meds Plan, andI can get the meds cheaper there. I’ll use RX Outreach in the blink of an eye, if I’m ever prescribed anything they have on their list, that I can get cheaper through them! :slight_smile:

I get as many supplies as possible from Diabetes Mall because I want to support John Walsh. They also have the best price on my test strips outside of Ebay (and I don’t feel comfortable buying them on Ebay).

We get everything except sensors from http://aplusmedicalsupply.com It has been so wonderful! They wave all copays and have saved us sooooooooo much money. We just ask that they double ice pack our insulin. It’s always a bonus when a real person answers the phone whenever I call also.

Someone told me about APlus last night. They also had only good things to say about them.

I have a big question. Other people have mentioned to me at various times that they get their insulin THROUGH THE MAIL. How does that work? Do all pharmacies do this? Which ones do? As it is currently high summer here in Indiana, I want to make sure I won’t wind up with freshly fried insulin by the time it makes it to my house. Anyone have experience with that?

I get everything at walgreens that’s across the street. The mail people/ups people/fedex people are notorious for just leaving stuff on the doorstep and not knocking so I don’t trust anything else.

I also use my local g. store pharmacy. It feels good that the pharmacists know me and care about me as a person. One tme, also on a weekend, I lost some of my oral meds while camping. They took care of me right away, and sort of bent the rules because I was a long-time customer.

So far we get all of our supplies from our local grocery store (Publix). They are great and always know who we are which says a lot considering we are in a metro area. The Pharmacists have gone out of their way to get things for us quickly.

I get all my stuff through mail order (Minimed for infusion sets and another mail order for all the other junk). The trick is…I get it sent to work. When I order, I tell them “No Saturday delivery”. There’s always someone at the office to sign for it.
As far as actual pharmacies go, Target Pharmacy is the one that gets my vote. Not only do they automatically fill and call in refills to your Endo, they go the extra mile. I’ve been to the local one once and whenever I make a return trip they never ask me for my name or what it was I needed filled. Long story made short…went in to fill a scrip for pain meds shortly before the wife had sinus surgery. A day or two after the surgery, got a call from the Target pharmacist. I thought they were calling to tell me there was a problem with the insurance. It wasn’t…she was just calling to see how the wife was feeling after the surgery and to see if we needed anything.

I get all my stuff at my local Safeway pharmacy.

Before I moved, I used to go to a Target pharmacy. They knew me by name, too.

My supplies are fully covered through my employer’s mail-order perscription program. They use CareMark ( recently merged with CVS). Stuff is sent via FedEx to my home (including insulin in chill packs) and my endo can send in the prescriptions electronically.I guess I am lucky I work for a pharmaceutical company.

When I lived in California and after Kaiser immediately rejected my request for health care I ordered all my stuff online as well.

I get my insulin from the local Walgreens. In order to get my strips, needles & lancets paid for by insurance I have to use mail order service through Griffin Pharmacy. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I haven’t been using them that long and I’ve had at least 5 orders messed up.

i heart edgepark ! they are super nice and way easy to deal with and they verify everything with your insurance for you.

For oral meds and test strips I use drugstore.com. I’ve been using their site for years and have only had one problem which they solved quickly. It was an error on their part, and they transferred the Rx to my local RiteAid so I could pick up a supply that day. They overnighted the rest at their cost.

They track the prescriptions and refill status on their website and send email reminders when the refill can be ordered. You can transfer from another pharmacy, mail in the written prescription, have your Dr. call them, or they will call your Dr. In addition to credit cards, they accept health insurance and also Flexible Spending cards (FSA).

I pick up my Byetta pen and needle refills at the local grocery store.