This Saturday will mark a year that my daughter was diagnosed w/ Type 1. Most days I feel like I’m steady and other days it gets the best of me and I feel completely overwhelmed. It’s exspeically hard to deal with when I always feel like when I talk to people about it or try to get things done. It’s as if I’m speaking Greek. Today I call the Basic Rec Program for the local schools to see if I can get her enrolled so I can start looking for a job and go back to work. The conversation with the lady was unreal. She acted like the diabetes was contagious… I’m not even sure where Im going with this post. I just need to vent alittle and come to the site to remind myself I"m not alone.

Been there. There are way too many ignorant people who won’t even try to understand. We’ve been diagnosed for over 8 years. When he was younger and we were looking for daycare one center said I should not be putting him in daycare and that I should stay home to take care of him!

You just have to look at them as those who are completely uneducated in Type 1 diabetes and just feel sorry for them and educate them and others the best you can.

And vent away…I’ve been venting for 8 years!


Good place to vent. You are not alone and dealing with diabetes can be overwhelming at times for parents, even if everything is generally, going well. I feel frustrated or just tired sometimes and we have been on this merry go round for six years, since David’s diagnosis in 2003 as a ten year old.

Try going in to the rec program’s office. Speaking face to face with someone who looks after the program enrolments will likely yield better results than trying to explain your daughter’s diagnosis and needs over the phone.

I wish you all the best. Don’t give up on getting your daughter involved in some after school programs. A rec program will be good for her overall health, super for her independence, and It will be good for you, to allow you some time to do some of the things that you want to do or need to do.


We are still new to this but I am sure all of the parents on the board can relate to your posting. You are certainly not alone.

There are some after-school programs that will take her, I’m sure. If it is held at the school I believe they cannot discriminate. It is going to be a challenge, I’ll give you that. I wonder if you have a local Y or Boys and Girls Club that might take her. Or an academic, computer, acting, cooking, music, a more sedentary after school program where you can have the nurse give her an after school snack before she goes there. She can have a cell phone and because there is not too much physical activity involved, you may feel it is safe until you pick her up from work.

Keep fighting the good fight! You’re not alone :slight_smile: