Ugly bruise

So, I put Gracie (my dex) on a few weeks ago, on my left problems...I went to put the next weeks site in, and it hurt. Got this nice bruise that I saw 2 days later because it was really hot,and me and my sister were attacking each other with the hose.

I came inside to change, and looked down to check the sensor, and barely touching it, it practically fell off, and I was left with this beauty! Its gotten bigger in the last few days, and its turning yellow (which I heard is a healing bruise color[?])

Has this happened to anyone else? I have my sensor back on my left side for now, but when I change it saturday, I would put it on my right. Will this be gone?

Also while I'm asking questions, can you put the sensor anywhere else, besides your tummy? is it like a pump, where I can put it on my arm?

/Users/fpmmusiclover115/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2012/06/24/20120624-093137/XXeDpKHKQP2Wtcw2Lt7j7w/bruse1.jpg

/Users/fpmmusiclover115/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2012/06/24/20120624-093145/p+2UxhIFQJSv2GWYEGNL3w/bruse2.jpg

We only use the Dex on Jack's arms. We have gotten some nasty rashes, but no bruising.

I like mine on my thighs the best. I get good results, and I don't seem to knock them loose as easily.