Unable to control emotion anger and fustration

Anyone have a tough time controlling their emotions. I am not really angry with diagnosis.

before diagnosis and even now, I have no patients, I get angry really easy and I can’t control it. It just up and comes out.

Same with fustration.

I never use to be this way. Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

What do you do about it?

Remember two things. First, high blood sugars can cause elevated aggression and low blood sugars can cause frustration and moodiness. So being out of whack, there’s only so much one can expect of oneself. Secondly, remember that you’re dealing with a major lifestyle change. Even if you’re handling it generally well, you’re in an adjustment period.

Talking with your doctor and your close family and friends is a good first step. Explain that you don’t feel you have control. Ask them for their help, support, and patience. I ask for my husband’s patience when I’m running high and it helps me SO much. If you find it’s more than you can handle, don’t be afraid to talk to a counselor. You’re not the first to deal with this and they may have great advice to help you. And come to us. Vent away. That’s part of what our community is all about.

The doctors have said that depression goes along with diabetes…I believe that…I have gone through times when I wasn’t so depressed, but having this disease and dealing with it is a major stress in ones life…I don’t take anything for depression, but it’s there and most of the time I hate it…I hate it all the time…I go through times when I am really not a pleasent person to be around and then I get worse…my husband says he knows when my sugars are high or getting low, because I get even worse and just snap…When I am really bad and I just get by myself or call a friend to vent to…or vent on here…You are not in this alone…we are here for eachother

Hi Melissa,

Thanks so much for the ear, information and the advice :slight_smile:

It is hard with family, they all look at me and beleive the weight is what caused the diabetes.

As I am overweight. But I was an athlete for most of my life struggling with a weight issue that just ballooned in the last 5 years.

My biological family has a history of obesity and diabetes both 1 and 2. Along with heart attacks and brain tumors.

My husband is the same way, not very supportive. I got into an argument one day with him, recently. And he said just loose weight. As I have bad knees from doing all the sports and the orthos won’t help me they say I need to loose weight.

MY Physical therapist says my knee problems are not being caused by my weight. That it aggrivates it more yes but that is not the root of my problem.

I said to my hubby, my endo said this is not the main issue there is more wrong with me. Why don’t you believe the expert.

He made me dinner recently, made corn, rice and meat. I had one sv of corn, one sv rice. My BG was 172 2 hours later.

I showed him. I said see this is not good. Now all my BG will be converted into fat and I will gain weight cause this is how my body is reacting (this is according to my doctor). I am now not feeling well and want to eat cause my energy has been zapped which will put more weight on.

I finally admitted to my self that perhaps my emotions are not under my control. And I told my boss the bad couple of months I have had.

But I do feel like I very much alone…

The one good news is I have lost 18 pounds by modifying my diet with the carbs and taking metformin and byetta.

But as my doctor said, I am loosing weight and yet my my morning BGs are getting worse. And I am still not feeling well.

Thanks for listening and your advice offered…

thanks so much dawn.

My friend who is a Type 1 and a brittle diabetic (meaning she can go up and down in a matter of minutes) has the same problems with depression. She is suicidal at times. And I don’t blame her. She is having a very tough time physically.

Unfortunately, she is not monitoring her BGs (she is scared to death of needles) and I think this aggrivates it.

She is anywhere from a 9-12 a1c wise.

Her soon to be hubby is a type 1 and is 7 a1c wise and doesn’t have that much emotional trouble.

My Adopted Brother was a type 1 and commited suicide in May this year because he couldn’t handle his diabetes, he was 40 years old diagnosed in his late 20’s.

Thanks so much for your ear and telling me about your experience. That helps to know I am not the only one having emotional issues.

I have some issues with these things as well, but I’m not sure if it is diabetes related or not.

I don’t think I have had any problem accepting this disease, as it is easier than finding out one has cancer, which I went through 2 years ago. Then I developed a very serious blood clot and was afraid I would dislodge it and die every time I moved for weeks while on total bed rest. Then my legs started to swell and I was diagnosed with lymphedema. Lets see…next came a spider bite that swelled my eye shut for a week and now the diabetes. My husband and I were both diagnosed with this one a couple of months ago. All within the past 2 years! I also have chronic pain thanks to Fibromyalgia, and have Hidradenitis Suppurativa too. Oh, and did I mention that I am also struggling with bi-polar disorder and agoraphobia? And all without health insurance. Yes, I get frustrated and angry too. A lot of the time.

Dear Angela.

Dont be too harsh with hubby. My wife does the same thing she bakes an irresitably good smelling fresh loaf of bread and then criticizes me for not having any will power to resist. I told her that is is the same thing as if I was trying to follow AA and she left bottles of liquor all over.

That is wonderful news that you have lost 18 lb and do keep up with the metformin and byetta as long as you are loosing weight. Persist the BG will get better once you are really down in weight.

It is very normal to be depressed with any chronic desease and especially with diabetes. We the diabetics do sympathized with you and understand. Get hubby to read this website.

I came on TuD tonight to blow off some steam because my husband and I just had a HUGE blowout. I’m so glad you posted this because I was just feeling like I am crazy or something for having such mood swings. Truth be told my sugar is high and I was in bad mood and started fight… Serioulsly though, I did not know that high blood sugar can cause moodiness/anger. I’ve been like this as long as I can remember. I hate it. My husband thinks I ENJOY starting arguements. He couldn’t be further from the truth.

You really sound like my friend. I truly feel for you. I am grateful that I am not that bad.

She recently had her thyroid tested and it came back low. They told her it wasn’t low enough to treat her.

What the heck kind of logic is that. While we have similar DNA makeup. How one person reacts to something being off in their body can vary.

And the classic example is allergies. Some people will die if they eat nuts. Others with just develop rashes.

So if her hormone is slightly off it could be significant for her.

It must be tough having a family and dealing with this.

It took me a long time to finally admit that perhaps my moods/reaactions are not under my control. Sometimes it is like witnessing something at the time I am doing it. Getting upset at something and I am going why is this on automatica pilot as I sit and watch my behavior feeling guilty. This is not me. Never has been.

For me what is helping besides medicines and diet is monitoring my BG (if you can afford it) very closely. And taking notes.

Trying to correlate things together.

Have a terrific holiday!

I was terribly depressed for almost a year. Then diagnosed. As my BG comes more in line to normal, I notice the change (ie. I can remember where my car keys are and don’t blame the teenager for going for a joy ride:)
My husband has told me it is very nice to have the person back that he married.
My co-workers have mentioned the change in me.
I have lost 30 pounds and am back to an almost normal weight which would lift anyones mood.

BUT…at least once a day my sugar goes to 300 (can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong at lunch) and everyone can see it in my face and they just steer clear.

As you learn about your diabetes, and those around you learn, I think the understanding comes. slowly sometimes. but it comes.

ps. funniest moment was when my daughter put me in charge of the concession stand at her school holiday concert informed everyone that the alcoholic (diabetic) was in charge of the bar (junk food). We made lots of money that night!!

The doctors, the ADA, and the “Diabetic Educators” all depress me.