Underaged Diabetes

I'm 14, and I have diabetes and I hate it more than anything. Everyday my diabetes seems to get worse and worse. I was first diagnosed with it in December about two years ago, and since then it's been okay, like I don't even have it. Ever since two weeks ago, it's been pretty bad. I don't know why it all of a sudden started getting worse, but it did. I admit, I eat some things I probably shouldn't as a diabetic. It's really hard for me not to when I know that it is there. I really hate this disease, and it isn't fair because it's not my fault I have it. I know that life isn't fair..but this? Really? Come on. That's what really makes me mad, the fact that I didn't make it happen to myself. All kids my age go to McDonalds at least twice a week, getting a BigMac and a large fry, when I can maybe go twice a month, and get a McChicken and fruit. Its extremely hard to have to watch what I eat this closely when I'm only 14. I try to pray about it and everything..but nothing seems to work. I pray for everyone who has to deal with this. When my numbers get really high, my mom usually freaks out and screams, yells, and crys. It makes me feel like I'm just a burden in her life and that I'm just something she HAS to deal with, even though she really hates it. Which is true, but I hate knowing that a lot of her pain comes from me. It makes me sick. I need a cure for this thing, which probably wont happen as soon as I need it to. I know I'm not the only one out there horribly struggling with this issue..but I just want to say, I hate it just as much as you do. Trying to deal with diabetes is the hardest thing that I have done, and I believe that it's probably one of the hardest things to deal with since our nation is the most un-healthy. I feel like crap everyday because of this. I need something to happen, a jump in research. I hate this. :/

Underaged Diabetes?? I hadn’t heard that one. Hey Cool. You’ve just coined a new Diabetes term.

I know how you feel Hon. Yes, this is totally unfair…for anyone. But you and your Mom have the internet for info, more knowledgeable Healthcare Team, these much needed Diabetes Forums for info, support, Friendships and to keep our Spirits up usually, etc., plus of course all the new technologies.

It’s not up to the Parent to yell at you when your sugars are outta range although I know how hard it is for Parents. They feel guilty, mad about their Child getting Diabetes, scared about the Child’s health and future, tired from the extra work and so on. I vaguely remember the scoldings that I received for having high blood sugar or having a seizure(although Mom still mentions what she went through, occasionally).

-Learn as much as you can about Diabetes when you feel that you are ready.
-You need to know how everything affects your Diabetes: like foods, beverages, stress, your periods(pre also), high/low bg symptoms(they sometimes change), sleep, exercise, etc. :soon
-Always take your Insulin especially your first Insulin of the day. Those shots will make or break your day.
-It’s important to eat most of your meal at least and daily snacks so that you don’t go low.
-Test before and 2 hours after meals and before exercise and bedtimes. Correct blood sugars when needed.
-You need to do basal testing. Ask your Healthcare Team to advise you or ask here.
-Tell your Mom if you are feeling depressed. Or ask a Counsellor at school. Most Diabetics experience depression. Some for a day or two, some much deeper and longer.
-Involve yourself in something that you enjoy at school or in your community. I joined the Girl Guides, then school choir, track and field, gymnastics and the arts. I baby-sat and volunteered at different places.
-You need to know your Insulin to carb ratio(I:C) and how to count carbohydrates(carbs). You were probably taught that already.
-Take cod liver oil capsules every day(make sure that your Dr. is aware). If you like almonds, flax seed on some foods, walnuts, avocado, salmon
-Laugh as often as you can at whatever. A daily belly-laugh is Good for your health and soul.
-Ask your Parents if they need you to do something other than your own choirs. That will lighten your “burden feeling”.

Note: The occasional hamburger and fries, piece(s) of pizza can be covered by Insulin. Tell your Dietician what junk food you eat occasionally so that she can tell you how much Insulin to take for it. Please do not drink regular pop. It’s just sugar and water, rots your teeth and sends your sugar soaring with no nutritional benefit.

I know that Diabetes is a hurtful disease but you will feel better about it eventually. Smile…every chance you get. :slight_smile:

-Ask your Parents if they need you to do something other than your own choirs. Brain still remembering the choir. Ya, I meant chores. It’s been a long day. :smiley:

After looking after your Diabetes, experience Life and have Fun. Maybe look for other Teenagers with Diabetes at your school. The Counsellors, etc. should know.

Hey Kayy,

Know how you feel. No one who doesn’t have diabetes can possibly understand the enormous effort it takes every hour, every day. We are different & it often sucks. We all feel angry, depressed & overwhelmed by what we have to deal with. Hope that it helps some that there are many others who you share your feelings. You’re not alone.

I wasn’t diagnosed at your age, but I know it’s even harder at 14.

It hurts deeply when the people we love don’t understand. We need their support. I’m sorry for your mother’s reaction. Even though it comes from her love for you, it’s painful, very painful. Realize how difficult this is, but try to tell her when you’re both not upset how you feel when she yells & freaks out. Just state what you said here. Not the same situation, but my husband frets, hovers & questions me. This makes me feel incompetent, not to mention how annoying it is. I don’t want him to worry & I feel guilty that he does, so it’s a vicious cycle. I felt like a burden just like you. I had to tell him what it did to me when he acts this way. Told him I knew he loved me, but this wasn’t healthy for either of us. Honestly, calmly talking about how we feel & how they feel helps to deal with such a complex situation.

It’s not your fault at all, but it’s your responsibility to take good care of yourself. I often want to scream, cry & just forget about it. What helps me is to learn as much as possible to feel confident.

Glad you’re here to talk about these things. Sending you a big hug for being strong & brave.

I feel for you and am sending HUGS your way.
There are some things that make us grow up altogether VERY fast.
I dare you to take this thing you didn’t ask for as a something that in overcoming, you will emerge quicker than most, as a highly responsible, mature person who will attain great heights - as did Sotomayor - or any of the athletes today who run, bike, play professional sports - do.
Put your sights on how you want to be in your late 20s, what you are striving for to be as an adult, and keep looking ahead!
With diabetes, we can be anything we want to be. Keep the goal ahead of you!

My son is 15 and was just diagnosed in November of this year. So far he is handling it fairly well. I know there will come a day soon where he gets as a mad and frustrated as you are. But…you do live in a country that has good medical help…not the most unhealthy one. You mom sounds worried and might just be showing it in a way that makes you feel like she is upset at you. I try not to do that to my son but it is hard at times. He just went w/his dad on their first skii trip since he was diagnosed…forgot to take his BG twice!!! Had to only dose the food he ate w/no corrections and by dinner was 295! He is the one that freaked out…not me. He wanted to over correct more than they ratio he was at and I had to tell him no…that he should just do what he is supposed to w/correction and he will see the exercise drop from skiing later so he doesn’t want to over do and go to low. It is hard for a parent not to want to take over and take control and to internalize it all as their fault.
Your mom might be on your nerves but she obiviously cares. However…at 14 you should be the one in charge of it all. Not your mom. That is what I am working on w/my son. It is his life…his responsiblity whether he like s it or not. I have to let him make some mistakes along the way and learn from them. Very hard thing for a parent to do.
Do you have a pump? My son wants the omnipod and should have it by around April. I think that will make his teenage life a bit better. The only thing he wants to eat that he can’t have is milkshakes. The rest he just eats…but way less then in the past. He was told to keep his meal carbs down to 75 or less a meal. Do you have a limit like that?
I think the medical research you want to happen will happen in the next maybe 10 years…I know that sounds like an eternity for you but it will come. You are not alone in hating this. Talk to your mom…let her know how you feel about how upset she gets. Maybe she will be more careful of your feelings. My son and I talk…a lot…that is important.

Hi Kayy,
I am sorry that your finding it so hard but it does get better I remember when I was 14 its a big struggle but I am sure if you will do ok just think about yourself and dont over stress about stuff it does not help at all and makes everything worse then it needs to be.
Everyone has I hate diabetes sometime in their lifes I had it for a long time but then I decided to concentrate on the good things instead of the bad then your more likely to see good numbers,try talking to your mum and telling her it does not help if she freaks out and that it upsets you and she could just support you that way you will both feel better about things,I am sure your not something that she has to deal with its because she loves you and does not know how to act and she wont if you dont communicate with her.
It does get better with some hard work and a little effort,make sure you ask for advice and help we are all here and a lot of us have gone through a lot with it.
If you wornt strong enough you would not have got diabetes I am sure of it and that strength will help you get through it step by step.
A big hug and a kiss from one diabetic to another diabetic.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx