Unexplained highs: Explained

This might not be applicable to you, but my recent experience with extreme, unexplained highs had a pretty counter-intuitive solution. I'm gonna mention it, just in case it helps someone in some way. So, I was getting really frequent, really brutal highs - where I would jump 60 - 100 points an hour, for hours on end. Or, there would be little blurps of extreme highs where I would just shoot to 400 after a meal or after waking up. I responded by increasing basal, trying to mow over some of those giant peaks, trying to beat them into submission, across the board, all at once.

My Doc would point at a 15 min interval, overnight, where I hit 60, and circle it, and say, "See, your taking too much insulin." I would roll my eyes and circle all of the 400-point extremes that occurred in the course of a day and say, "See, I am taking too little insulin." We were in deadlock.

I dropped from 35 units of Lantus to 28 units of Lantus and the extreme highs went away. I can't really explain it, but some of the guys say I might have been giving myself, 'glycemic instability,' by over medicating - contributing to the roller coaster.

I don't know how your supposed to check for this. I lowered 1 unit per day until I found the sweet spot. I felt like garbage during the whole adjustment period and sometimes I had to stop adjusting the Lantus and give the system time to stabilize, before proceeding, because the system would get angry and noisy. But, it worked like a charm. I don't know if this is applicable to anybody else. I'm just so happy to be rid of those extreme highs and super surprised about the solution, that I thought I would mention it...just in case its applicable to anybody else. Some of the guys report having to drop as much as ten units before things stabilized.

Yup, you will LIKE this new "madness"!!!