Unhulled hemp as a grain

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Just wanted to let you know I found you can eat hemp as a grain, and unhulled hemp is very affordable (sort of like quinoa).

Traditionally roast it like buckwheat or kasha and serve as a rice. I'm amazed by this food. You can eat bowls of it. Unlike hulled hemp seeds, which you'd starve to death on because they are $18 a pound some places, unhulled seeds are practically free in comparison and you can have a good bowl a day. Out of a serving with 18g carbohydrates, 16.5g is fiber. Very safe with my insulin; and there seems to be some magical mineral formula in the hemp shell that upregulates blood sugar metabolism and downregulates high insulin spikes.

Suggest roasting it in a big tray first then doing what you will with it (making seed butter, flour, just serving as is, drying to have as snack, granola)

Why isn't this food popularized?????

Anyway, this is part of my research for my Vegan Paleo Book - No Carb Vegan. My link is down below to the article I wrote, if you'd like more information. Just found this out today.

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Did you know you can burn the flowers and inhale the smoke too? Amazing stuff!

(just poking a little fun... actually hempseed is pretty nutritious)

Interesting! The local flour mill here in Ontario sells hemp seed in about a 16 oz container. I knew they were good for springing on cereal etc., as my husband used to do that in winter for his porridge. They are in the shell, so I am going to buy some and give it a try. Thanks!

youd have a hard time getting high off hemp buds.

try cannabis instead--works much better

Let me know how you do

Thanks for the info. At what temp & how long do you roast the seeds?


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Thanks, Marty. So sweet of you.

Roasting the seeds may adversely effect the omega fats, but haven't been able to find info on that.

I gotta try this! Thanks for the post! Please keep posting any other cool low-carb, high fiber options you have found!

Will do. Vegan Paleo book will be published next time I can sit and write for a month ;)

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