Seeds and high-fibre foods

Do you bolus for things like hemp seeds and chia seeds? According to the package they are entirely made up of fibre.

I attempted to make a low-carb cereal with them that (in my failed version) consists of chia seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, and cinnamon (among a few other zero-carb things). It didn't turn out as cereal, more like bits of muffin, but still tastes good. According to my calculations (using the info from the seed packages and Calorie King) the entire batch is 23 grams of carbs, but that's without the fibre which would add another 37 grams. That is a lot of fibre and makes a huge difference if I include it versus don't include it. How would you bolus for that, ignore the fibre? Include it?

I was taught by CDE to subtract fiber if over 5gm in meal. How do you have your I:C ratios set? Did you include or subtract fiber fRom your carb totals when you did your initial testing? Would follow the same method and test see how works for you.

Yeah, I was taught to subtract if over 3g in a meal.

I was taught that as well, but it didn't work out so well for me. I have to account for every carb; fiber or not.

I think it works for me, except I wonder about food that has more fibre than carbs, whether that would make a difference. I guess I'll try without and see!

I tend to subtract half the fiber out. As a hemp and chia seed lover, the biggest issue for me tends to be the effect of all that fat changing when the rest of the carbs of the meal hit me. If there's a lot of seeds involved, you might want to experiment with an extended bolus like for pizza. If you're eating anything else carby, at least.

FYI, there's recipes online to make your own gluten-free crackers using similar ingredients to your recipe attempt. Like this one:
Often on raw food or dehydrator sites, but baking should work too. If you're missing crackers. Not that it answers your original question, but that's what your experiment reminded me of!

Awesome, thank you for the tips about seeds and fat and also the recipe! I have all those ingredients except the vanilla, but I am definitely missing crackers and will definitely try that out! The one good thing about this allergy stuff is that ti's really forced me to start cooking (I mean beyond just basic foods) and I'm finding I actually like it. I know you're dealing with a lot of dietary restrictions as well, so if you know of any good allergen-free recipe websites, pass them on! :)

I can eat sunflower seeds all day long as a snack without insulin and see no effect on my sugars. Lately I go through a container of them about every 2 days. They make a nice snack when I don't feel like injecting.

I bolus for them. I eat quite a few nuts and put chia seeds into my favorite lunch (avocado, tuna, chia seeds and Sriracha sauce...) and count the couple of carbs. I never pay attention to fiber.

Am I the only one who was taught to always count total carbs?

Funny I was taught to never subtract fiber. I do, but I was taught to ignore it. Different time and place. Hemp seeds? Wow Jen maybe I need to come over? If you have the seeds do you have the other part? LOL

I am teasing, but honestly that is what I thought when I read it. I know this was not meant as a fun post, but it get me laughing this morning, thank you.

Total carbs as in carbs + fibre?

LOL, nope, none of the other part! Although in this city I'm sure you wouldn't need to look far to find it. ;)

I sprinkle seeds on salads and nuts in fruit salad (a sad pretense at granola, fruit and yogurt which used to be my favorite breakfast.) I never count any carbs for it. When I used to eat nut butters all the time I counted a lot less carbs than it actually added up to and wasn't high but did gain 14 pounds! (I've since lost it again and nut butter is on my NEVER list along with sugar. But that's another story.) In general, I do subtract fiber if it's 5 grams or more such as double fiber English muffins and some of the vegie burgers I eat.

Yes… I even asked about subtracting fiber after I started seeing that many ppl do it and was told to always count the total carb

I need insulin to everything that contains proteins, so yes, I would need to bolus for those as well. Seeds still have a lot of carbs, around 20 per 100 gr (here it is 14 actually, fiber already substructed in Europe). Only flax doens't need much :)

Yeah, the chia seeds say 7g of carbs per 20g serving. The hemp seeds only have 3g per 30g serving. Flax seeds say they are 6g per 20g serving. Sunflower seeds say 4g per 20g serving. But for all of these the fibre cancels out half the carbs or in most cases entirely cancels out the carbs. Hence why I'm wondering if I need to bolus for the carbs if I typically subtract fibre (which I do).

@Jen, I was wondering the same thing about flax seed, hemp seed and chia seeds! From your experience, did you find that you have to bolus for these high fiber foods?

i can eat peanut butter all day long and it keeps my BGs stable. but if i have almonds my BGs go up. go figure. :smiley: