"Unlucky Charms"...Breakfast Cereals? What's your perfect breakfast?


I knew that. It was her I was scolding. :sunglasses:

P.S. That day we failed to link up, we had breakfast at Word of Mouth Bistro and I ordered the Cinnamon Roll Pancake. OM*G. (Yes, it means just what you think it does.) One of those is enough carbs for a family for a week. Oy.


Just proud of my southern roots


I found in traveling to New Zealand and Australia, I was often referred to as a Yank. But I’ve never lived in the southeast.


@Terry, all Americans are Yanks! :heart_eyes: LOL


Since this was a local reference, common courtesy demands that I explain for the benefit of others.

In Salem, Oregon, there is a restaurant named Word of Mouth Bistro that serves the best breakfasts I have encountered in 66 years. Among their various signature dishes is one named “Cinnamon Roll Pancakes”. These are pancakes with swirls of intense cinnamon, drowned in icing. By comparison, Cinnabons taste like something from McDonalds. However good that sounds, it is, in fact, better.


This thread is now The Breakfast Club.


Down by the Swan River the Old Brewery sells the best pancakes with strawberries and cream and coffee to die for, all sitting on a sunny terrace watching the river flow by.


I think you’d probably find that the reformed cereal lovers in this thread could eat cereal at any meal, any hour!


I miss cereal so much! Especially because my husband is addicted to cereal. He can just eat carbs all day long (sometimes, it looks to me like he’ll just crunch away on 200 carbs of cereal). It’s so taunting!

I can and do enjoy oatmeal - that seems to be ok for me, about 1/4 of a cup dry. Lately I’ve been making oatmeal muffins on Sundays and just eating those as the week goes on. Oats, peanut butter, flax, eggs, coconut milk, and berries (and whatever other random things I throw in!).


Nothing but black coffee, or black coffee with butter (bulletproof coffee) works for me in the mornings.


Steel cut oats with cream, cinnamon, raisins and honey is one of my favorite things in the world. I think I still remember what it tastes like . . .


Perhaps its time for an intervention. There are probably some folks over at the ADA forum who could help :wink:


Cereal is actually something I use sometimes to raise my low blood sugars. Haha. I no longer eat it for breakfast. I don’t really eat any grains for breakfast, except some toast sometimes. I find the best thing to eat is a very balanced breakfast with a good amount of protein, fat, and some carbs. Blood sugars are usually great after those breakfasts.


I completely agree with this article! I don’t understand why when in the hospital I’m given a plate of toast, cereal, juice and jam while being on a diabetic diet. I’ve since gone paleo and feel healthier, have better control of my blood sugar and no insulin resistance caused from gluten. I just recently found out that they way gluten affects me is that it raises my insulin resistance through the roof! I consumed some to test it and my nice even 1.6 basal went up to 2.4 my carb ration of 1:12 went to 1:7 and I have to take 30 more units of insulin a day which is still keeping me above 250 and closer to 300!! My last AIC was a 7.1 I normally run a fasting blood sugar of 78 and a high is the occasional 200, right now my fasting is 300 and a high can be 400. All because I tried to reintroduce wheat into my diet. So yeah, I don’t touch cereal with a 10 foot pole, it’s evil and unhealthy… okay not necessarily evil but definitely unhealthy. My breakfast is typically a almond milk smoothie with frozen blueberries, 2 eggs and sometimes a piece of paleo banana bread baked with almond flour. Keeps my numbers nice and stable.


Cereal doesn’t work for me. I rotate breakfast between scrambled eggs with coconut oil, a small piece of fruit like kiwi, papaya or raspberries, and a vegetable like cucumbers or stemmed cpinach or kale. or I bake an almond/zucchini muffin (recepies from Elana’s Pantry website but I use 1/2 tbs of maple syrup for 12 muffins and one banana which I freeze), I spread coconut oil before serving. Delicious!! I usually have it with 7 raw baby carrots and an endive. Works well. Or I will have grilled zucchini, half a bell pepper and boch choy also grilled with a table spoon of pumpkin seeds, handful of Brazilian nuts and a handful of almonds. All raw. No wait issues. I am very thin.


Just a clarification, the banana is used with 1/2 tbs of maple syrup as a substitute for the 3 tbsp of sugar/honey in the recepies to make 12 muffins.


For those that are interested, Elana’s Pantry is a great site for gluten/grain free paleo recipes. The recipes can at times be a bit restrictive, but they can be adapted readily from their core.


Also, for those of you who are interested, I occasionally steam mushrooms and zucchini spaghetti and when ready add salt and a tablespoon of olive oil. I eat this with a piece of cheese and a small piece of fruit that is not high in sugar.


This sounds yummy. You could also skip the steaming step, and just sauté in olive oil. Also, ground cumin really complements the tastes of both zucchini and mushrooms. (Jeeze, I successfully make one batch of LC Nanaimo Bars and all of a sudden I think I’m a master chef…) :wink:


If people don’t stop talking about Nanaimo bars, I’m going to start describing things from my favorite restaurant, like their creme brulee french toast. Fair warning, Rose . . . it’s within easy driving distance. :wink: