"Unlucky Charms"...Breakfast Cereals? What's your perfect breakfast?


You missed the peanut butter. This breakfast has 45g of fat. In fact, the fat slows down the spike so that I’m often below target at 2 hours and then gradually rise.


You are correct, it just seems weird to eat a bunch of peanut oil and then choose eggbeaters instead of regular eggs and then 1% milk. Just sayin.


I’m used to the taste of 1% milk although I have been tempted to bump it up to 2%. Very high cholesterol runs in my family so I try to be a little conservative on the egg yolks. I’m hardly consistent in all of this - I eat a both high and low fat cheese.

The “science” on all of this is in flux and so I try to keep to a middle path - medium carb, medium protein, lots of monounsaturated fat. In part I post what I eat to give people another perspective. Diet advice on this site has become very pro-bacon and low carb. :slight_smile:


I was always partial to Wheaties

Now days between the grain and my dawn phenomenon they’re out of the question. Guess I’ll never be like Mike. :cry:

What works for me these days is a Microwave flax muffin and 2 eggs, around 3g of carbs, and I never get hungry mid morning like I did when I was eating the “Breakfast of Champions”.


I have always been partial to “little chocolate donuts”, as advertised by John Belushi on SNL, which came in a box specifically designed to look like a Wheaties box.


Another pre D favorite.


I never eat cereal for breakfast. Not only is it a sure way to skyrocket my blood sugar, but it never fills me up. My go-to breakfast is a hard-boiled egg chopped up with half an avocado. Easy, quick, low-carb, and it keeps me full until lunch. On the weekends when I’m not in a rush to get to work, I might do a couple of fried eggs over sprouted grain toast.


Every day
2-3 eggs
2 sausage links
Coffee + equal amount of half&half

If we eat out on Sunday,
I add one small plain pancake (3-4" diameter) with a big scoop of butter
(And a vigorous walk afterwards)

Once in a while I crave buttermilk biscuits
Instead of the pancake.

Cereal is a killer for me! No more.


Like many here, not a big breakfast person. But back before my diagnose my siblings and I all ate captain crunch (nightmare on the roof of your mouth), honey smacks,fruit loops wow the memories! Than came the type 1 and that horrible exchange list. Imagine that none of these cereals were on that list. So we always had Cherrios. Just plain old everyday Cherrios. Not the honey nut Cherrios or frosted Cherrios or apple cinnamon Cherrios. Just plain old Cherrios. How my brother and sister hated the lack of “good” breakfast cereal in the house. Most of the time there isn’t cereal in our house now but I will admit to instant oatmeal. It’s quick and easy when the kids are running around getting ready and I will say I love the cinnamon spice flavor! And big shock it doesn’t mess up the blood sugars for me! But now that we are taking cereals from my younger days, I might be tempted to go get a box of fruit loop! Thanks Cynthia for putting that into my mind.:smiley:


Personally I never understood the allure of Fruit Loops. But every morning it was Capn Crunch for me, as well.


I make my own muesli, with organic rolled oats and a mixture of chopped ntuts and coconut, no dried fruit. I have it with yogurt, a little milk and blueberries. I make sure to walk my dog afterwards and all is ok after my walk. I do miss the dried fruit in the muesli, but it is so much better for bg control to go without.


I’m not big on eating cereals for breakfast, BUT . . . marshmallow Rice Krispie treats are another matter entirely.


LOL, Yankee…That term might get you in trouble when talking to some one from the southeastern part of the US




I gave up Cap’n Crunch cereal years ago for this very reason: I developed abrasions on the roof of my mouth that never seemed to heal (because I ate Cap’n Crunch again the very next morning.) The only way to avoid injury was to let 'em get disgustingly soggy.

The manufacturers of that cereal should be required to put a warning on the front of each box!

In some countries, restricting a person’s breakfast to plain old Cheerios is punishment for vehicular manslaughter.


I should flag your post as inappropriate. This discussion is about junk cereal, not the healthy stuff. I’ll thank you to get with the program! :wink:


Oh no you didn’t.


I almost always eat Special K Protein Cereal (topped with unsweetened almond milk), a piece of peanut butter bread (whole wheat bread slice with Adam’s Peanut Butter) and a half piece of fruit. The fruit determines how much Special K I eat. Brekkers is always 60g of carbs + 1 or 2 grams for when I have an almond milk latte.

The Special K is 19g of carbs for 3/4 of a cup. I have from 45-53g of it every day. I’ve tried Cheerios and oatmeal and they are a train wreck. The real secret to eating anything is the amount of pre-bolusing I need to do based on my current BG.


Oh really, now! I may think about it but I don’t keep a movie of it lying around!!


If you look really closely at the video, I’m sure you, too, will observe that the fingerprints on that hand match those of none other than our very own cynthia_rogers. For shame!!! :wink: