Unsure if I can un-do a CGM mistake?

Hey there! So, I’m a fairly new Guardian 3 sensor user. Yesterday and today I was getting very errant readings, and kept getting constant 'sensor updating" notices-and I realized my tape on the CGM was coming up/bunching, so I thought it was best to change out the sensor even though I was only on day 3 of it. I took it out while it had the 'sensor updating, do not calibrate" notice on the screen.

…Annndddddd I didn’t hit 'stop sensor" on my pump. I never thought to. When I placed the transmitter into the new sensor site, it still had that notice of updating the sensor on the screen. I figured it would clear once it noticed the sensor wasn’t in my body anymore. I was so, so wrong.

Once I put in the new sensor and attached the transmitter, It gave me the screen that it was warming up and the 2 hour calibration notice-but my sensor status on the 670G is showing it’s still the old sensor, with only 4 days left. It never gave me the “start new sensor” option, and I’m unsure if I go into the sensor settings once it’s finished warming up, if it will let me reset it to get the full 7 days. Does anyone know if that will work, or will I have to suck it up and just re change it in 4 days instead of 7? Thank you in advance!

I don’t have 670 pump, but think you should be able to restart it. I have read others say they get more than 7 days on guardian 3.

@DrBB can you help?

Sounds like you could try rolling over to a new session on that sensor. Basically you do it just as if it were a real sensor change, except that after you stop the session, you squeeze the sensor-transmitter pair apart just enough to break the electrical connection–just a little gap will do–for about 30 secs., then reconnect and tell the pump you’re starting a new sensor.

It’s pretty covered with tape, (the one downside I don’t like to this CGM-Dexcom was a bit easier for me, Guardian Link 3 has tons of tape) so I’m unsure if I can really physically disconnect?

Yeah, that’s the problem. If you’re taping exactly per the instructions, it can be difficult. Without seeing yours it’s hard for me to tell, but all that’s needed is a small separation, and not for terribly long (some people say 15 seconds will do). If the connection point is totally covered by tape, you could try making a little slice with an x-acto blade (careful not to hurt yourself!) to open it up. Or you could try doing it by “feel,” squeezing the connection apart under the tape.

Or just do the four days and count it as a lesson-learned. After the first couple of sensors I always made sure to leave a gap in the taping, and lots of people depart from that awkward, finicky stuff entirely and come up with a simpler solution of their own. My trainer said the experts were concerned that slight flexures were the cause of problems in sensor accuracy, and she always went over my taping very carefully to make sure it was by-the-book, but from what I’ve seen from other users that doesn’t seem universal. I couldn’t do it without my wife’s help, something else that annoyed me about the system (not that she minded, but making you dependent on an extra set of hands is not an optimal design solution by a long shot). I’m sure if I was still on it I’d have given that weird tape the heave-ho long ago.

Probably going to be a lesson learned, definitely. I’d love to see video of the people who do the physical disconnect with this sensor, since the oval tape reminds me of packing tape with it’s sticky-ness. I’d like to see how exactly they place it since when I change it out, everything just kinda…comes up right with the tape? Probably a lot of patience and small picking back at the tape.