Update on Insulin injections

Just thought I’d let all you guys who supported and encouraged me when I was going to have to go onto insulin shots, that it’s all going well.

Thanks for being there when I needed your help and advice.

I’m now on two shots a day… NPH… one at bedtime and one before breakfast in the morning.

They still have me on all my pills also though which has confused me a bit as I’m not sure how I will get the dosage right and be able to come off the pills too that easily. But how it happens remains to be seen…

Anyhow, thanks once again for all your help and support.

Denise xx

I am so glad that you are doing well. If I may ask…why NPH? It has the peaking to be considered, just curious as to why not Lantus or Levemir? I know that you will continue to do well…I am very happy for you sweetie and I bet you feel better too. Take care
xo Robyn

No idea why she put me on NPH… The Endo wanted me on Lantis, but she says they don’t deal with Lantis at this surgery… I mentioned Levemir but she said to wait and see how I manage on this NPH first… I’ve had a few problems with lows during the night and tend to want my blood glucose a little higher before I go to sleep otherwise I’m up at 4.30 am eating…lol. All the sweet stuff I’d weaned myself off eating is now back in the picture, even though I would prefer it not to be. I hate having to get up and eat sweet stuff.

I’m on 5 units through the night… so really quite low… and 7 units during the day… and as I said, still on the pills. I asked about coming off the pills and going on to a quick acting insulin for meal times but so far she’s not agreed to that either…

I’m pricking my fingers so often now too… too often. I worry about going low when exercising, so it’s not completely right yet… but I am pleased that I’m no longer often in the 200’s so it’s not all bad… :slight_smile:

Have a blood test next Friday to see how my A1c is doing… and a test to see how my cholesterol levels are so that I can prove that I can keep it low without going onto statins… The doc still hasn’t let up on that one. lol.

But thanks Robyn, for all your help… I’ll keep pushing to get this sorted. xx

I’m happy for you. Insulin can really make a difference in getting you under control. In my opinion, you should demand that your Endo’s wishes take priority. The Endo is “the expert.” If the “surgery” feels that their expertise “trumps” the Endo, then they can take it up with the Endo.

I do hope this helps you get your blood sugar down and help you feel better.