Update on my son's podding

Well, he is two weeks into podding (I think that is the term you all use) and everything is going great! We are still tweaking our morning numbers to get his stubborn DP under control, but he is waking with numbers around 150-160 and I couldn't be happier (and I'm actually getting some sleep).

I wanted to thank all of you for your help answering ALL of my silly questions. I know we have more learning and more tweaking to go, but I can't believe how great pumping is. My son had a friend over for dinner and he didn't have to run to his room to give an insulin injection ... and I just KNOW it made him feel more "normal" (and that in itself made me happy we chose pumping).

Now, when we have our first pod failure I'm sure I'm going to be grumpy ... but so far we're loving it! :)

Glad to help! And let us know if you have any more questions. We all love to help each other. And, don't worry about pod failures. Very few have not had one, but they are still quite rare. I've only had one in my 1 year so far. Most you read about were during a period where Insulet was having issues in quality, but they've move far past that. Today most failures are due to the extreme varying existence we call human life. No machine has ever been able to keep up with our unpredictable lives.

Glad everything is going well so far. No system is perfect and I'm sure there will be bumps in the road now and then. But anything that makes all of us feel more 'normal' is amazing:)