I thought I’d do a bit of an update. Not that much has changed. I started a program just over a week ago (to get credentials to teach English as a second language) and it’s totally insane but at least has a consistent daily schedule.

Hasn’t helped my blood sugars much. During the past week I’ve eaten an average of 128g of carbs per day, during the past month 148g per day on average. Considering I’m not really trying all that hard this is really awesome and I think my few weeks of effort before really paid off in that some habits have clearly changed (namely not eating huge treats from Starbucks or lattes and such anymore!).

Anyway, blood sugars are still crazy and it’s driving me insane. I mean really. For the first few days of my program I crashed low constnatly so lowered all my pump settings. Then one day all of a sudden I shot up really high and could not get down so, figuring it was hormones, upped all my settings. Then a few days later went high and higher and upped them all again for a few days. Then today I started going low again so have begun to lower the pump settings a bit again …

Perhaps I am too scared of lows and too quick to lower pump settings, but if the lows at least came at predictable times instead of just randomly out of the blue I could deal with them better. But like the highs they come at completely random times and are completely unpredictable. I don’t know about anyone else but I certainly can’t spot any pattern here:

I just go crazy with the adjusting every few days. I don’t understand why one setitng can’t just work for a least a week. I have never been one who can set things up so that they just work for weeks on end, but during good times tings would only need changing every week or two. I figured it was my schedule being crazy but my schedule for the past week and a half has been literally identical day to day, including eating idential food for most meals, and I’ve still been on a roller coaster.

I am seriously considering shelling out a few hundred bucks to get someone like Gary Scheiner to borrow a CGM and analyze my numbers. I sure don’t have a clue and neither does my endocrinologist, all he keeps saying is count carbohydrates more carefully which I am (I rarely eat foods now where I don’t have an exact count or at least a very good estimate). I figure if anyone could make sense of them it might be him, and if he can’t then I really don’t know who can!!

Anyway … My 30-day average is 9.8 (176 mg/dl) which is actually better than it’s been for a while, so I’m hoping the A1c I get done in the next two weeks will be better than the last one. I’m just getting really sick of having such crappy control despite the effort I put in, it gets so freaking tiring especially because I feel guilty every time I vent to a non-D person in real life, they just don’t get how complicated everything is.