Uploading G5 mobile app data (from your phone) to Dexcom studio

Starting a new thread as question about how to upload your data from iphone to Dexcom studio was originally asked in the Dexcom Clarity Opinions: thread, but that thread drifted in into a different topic, and I don’t see that question answered.

I just upgraded to G5 from a G4 system and am planning on using the iphone only as the receiving device. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get your data into studio?


As far as I know you can’t use Dexcom Studio anymore if you only use your phone and not a receiver, I wish we could because I like Studio but so far I found I can only use the Dexcom Clarity program for my data now that I’m only using my phone.

G5 doesn’t support Dexcom Studio. You can only use Clarity with G5 whether using the iPhone or Receiver.

As it looks like you’ll have to move over to Clarity, you may or may not be interested in the Dexcom Webinar that is held every Wednesday. https://www.dexcom.com/webinars and scroll to the bottom.

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