Dexcom G5 data import from iPhone

So I finally started using my G5 transmitters with my iPhone 6+, I haven’t updated my receiver yet, just using the phone. Can I import my data from the phone, I’ve looked all over online and I can’t figure this out? I know @mikep just uses his phone so it can be done, but apparently I’m tech impaired because I don’t know how to get my data on to my computer from my phone. I’ve been using Dexcom Studio with the G4 and prefer it over Clarity. Can someone who does this give me a quick tutorial?

Perhaps I can only use Clarity? I just logged in it appears my data is there, I suppose from the cloud?

Hi Lilli - not sure on this one. I don’t use Studio, only Clarity.

Ok thanks Mike, now I’m trying to update my receiver and it’s not working, ugh. On hold with tech support. Truth is this is why I hesitated to make the switch to G5. Although I do like using my phone as my receiver so may just have to use Clarity now.

I think you have to use clarity with the G5. Not for sure so check it out. I use the G5 and clarity.

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I can’t answer your G5 data upload to your iPhone since I’m one step behind you. I’m waiting for my last G4 transmitter to give up the ghost and it just keeps going and going.

I’ve used the Dexcom Studio since I started on the 7+ back in '09. I started using the Clarity web-based software when it came out recently. I like Studio because it is familiar. I really like Clarity, however, because I consider its 14-day standard day view an excellent and simple program to give me a clear and actionable view in just a single screen. I can immediately see the time of day I need to pay attention and whether its for highs or lows.

If memory serves me, I believe that Dexcom is in the process of letting Studio go. I don’t think they are updating it and I even suspect that they will stop answering questions about it in the not-too-distant future. While I am attached to Studio because of long term exposure to it, I could get by with just Clarity when the time comes.

When I stumble along the path you’re treading now, maybe you can shed some light for me. Good luck with getting the answer you need. Viewing your BG data regularly is a potent tool for BG management.

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Hey Lilli did you get it figured out? Are you planning to use receiver and iPhone? I know some folks have done that. The minute I got G5 I donated my receiver to another T1 and went iPhone exclusive. Hope you got it worked out.

Hey Mike, I’m thinking about just using the iPhone and Clarity, changing technology sometimes gives me a headache but we must adapt! I don’t really want to use 2 receivers anyway, not much point in that and I do like the way the iphone app interacts with the transmitter, very user friendly. I couldn’t update the receiver to G5 (the update tool said there were no available updates) and I still haven’t heard back from tech support but I may donate mine also to a family member who has a G4 receiver without share right now. There are things I like about Studio, more date range choices, the data page with highs, lows, averages etc for each time frame, not sure if clarity does that but it seems to be more limited? Do you know if Clarity stores the data or does it just read it from our phone?

I think you’ll like the G5 once you make the switch @terry4. I really saw no need for the receiver over the past few weeks since starting up my G5 transmitter other than wanting to still use the Studio software. If they’re phasing that out then might as well get used to Clarity. One thing I think you’ll especially like Terry is how easy it is to enter carbs, insulin, exercise and other health issues (illness, stress, alcohol…). I haven’t done that yet but my BG management is uncomplicated at the moment so not doing it. Don’t know how that data is used or put into Clarity however since I’m not doing it but perhaps someone else knows?


How do you log in/ register for clarity if you are ONLY using the iphone? I tried to log in and it asks for the last four digits of the receiver serial number. We have a receiver, still in the box, but have not activated it yet- only using the iphone.


I talked to Dexcom some months ago and they said that Clarity does NOT support G4, only G5. Also, they said that Studio will be discontinued (at some point). I’m still using G4 'til my transmitter expires. I use both Clarity and Studio, but prefer Studio since raw data can be exported to Excel/csv. I also use Diasend which supports both Dexcom and Omnipod, and it too supports limited raw data export. It is nice to have a single app (Diasend) which provides a view into both CGM and pump data. Diasend supports both G4 and G5.

hmmmm, not sure on this one. I just logged into the Clarity app on my iPhone. It did not ask for a receiver serial #. Are you sure it isn’t asking for the transmitter number?

Currently Diasend can only import data from the G5 receiver and claims that it is waiting for Dexcom to work out how to stream the data received through the phone. For my next endo appointment, I may start carrying the receiver for two weeks so that I can put everything into Diasend. I miss having the CGM dats in context with my pump and BG meter. I suppose I can just give the endo the Clarity data also.

Scott Benner of the Juicebox Podcast just released an interview with Jake Leach, the Dexcom SVP of Research and Development. Leach indicated that they will be making improvements to Clarity and building in some of the reports that Studio has.

Oh, I didn’t realize that only import is supported on the G5.

Thanks for the link to the podcast! I’m listening now!

I was trying to log in on a PC. Will the IPhone transmit data to clarity so it can me retrieved on a pc?

The data from a G5 communicating with an iPhone is automatically sent to Clarity. You can open Clarity in your browser on either a PC or a Mac.

I was having trouble getting logged into Clarity for the first time, now magically, I’m in. Go figure!


I’m glad to hear they may expand clarity @Laddie and give us the ability to use the different types of reports studio has!

(A little off topic? Sorry): Can Dexcom 5 link with more than one device? (I have 2 phones and an iPad), or is it only one device and then I need to have my other devices using the “follow” app?

I still have Dexcom Follow on my iPad from my G4 days and access my G5 from there @Lawdawgz

If you upload the G5 data from the receiver to Diasend you can view CGM data at their site, as well as export the data. However, I just started using xDrip on my Android and I don’t believe there is a way to upload the Android xDrip data to Diasend. Too bad, as I, too, would like to see my G5 CGM data in context with my Omnipod pump data. BUT, the xDrip Alpha version on Android is great, so it is worth it. I’ll just have to carry my receiver as well for now.