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On September 14, 2015 US News and world Report - linked an article: Healthy Aging Dealing with Diabetes back to the our web site. Melissa Lee is quoted in the article-

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Well, Yes! Brava to our Fearless Leader. Well done!

The article had some sensible advice, which one cannot say about almost all mainstream health articles about aging. If there is no diabetes diagnosis yet, especially, the “spread the carbs out over a day” was the best basic advice on carbs I’ve seen in a long time. Most of the time, it’s just eat those vegies and fruits and whole grains without any meaningful consideration of the realities of when eating happens in many folks’ lives…When I was dx with fibromyalgia, I had to train myself to eat a breakfast and a lunch…hehe…I was a one-meal-a-day-at-the-end-of-the-day type…Dancers don’t like to dance on a full stomach, as you can imagine…

I’m so proud of Melissa representing us all to the world!

Congrats to Melissa and the DHF for getting out some good info to a widely read publication!

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Congrats to @Melissa_Lee and the TuD team. I also like how she is laying the groundwork for the Diabetes Advocates campaign for CGM for Seniors.


Thank you, friends. I was happy to be asked to contribute to the piece.

There are at at least 4 really great pieces of legislation at the federal level right now to help people with diabetes and pre-diabetes in Medicare. We just have to keep on plugging.