USA Today article: "Brief, intense exercise lowers blood sugar"

The small, new study found that 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise a week -- a total exercise time of 75 minutes a week with warm-up and cool-down included -- could lower blood sugar levels for 24 hours after exercise, and help prevent post-meal blood sugar spikes in people with type 2 diabetes.

"If people are pressed for time -- and a lot of people say they don't have enough time to exercise -- our study shows that they can get away with a lower volume of exercise that includes short, intense bursts of activity," said the study's senior author, Martin Gibala, professor and chair of the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada.


Arthur Jones and Ellington Darden developef High Intensity Training in the 1970s. Some of the latest incarnation is found in programs like Fred Hahn's Slow Burn, which just does resistance training for 30 minutes a week or the High Intensity Interval Training reported in this study. While this study notes some additional understanding of how interval training might affect type 2 diabetics, these results have been around for a while. Sheri Colberg recently wrote about this in DiabetesInControl. There are a whole bunch of studies that show that these short intense exercise programs work just as well as all those time consuming programs. That is a huge relief to those of us with limited time.

The most recent joint position statement from the ADA and American College of Sports Medicine for the first time recommends resistance training. Previous thinking had focused on exercise as only useful for consuming calories and glucose, but this new statement is pretty clear. Resistance training (and interval training) actually makes changes to your body, building muscle and improving your insulin sensitivity after exercise for up to 48 hours aftewards.

What a relief to find that you can just exercise hard once a week for about an hour and get most of the benefit.

The human body is not an infinite storage machine of liquid energy - glucose period.

If your liver, skeletal muscle cells, fat cells and any other cells under insulin's influence get saturated - topped - off - their space is limited - fixed - contrary to all those promoting cures DO NOT ACKNOWLEGE - ie just keep adding insulin,. Unfortunately, only process and hearty exercise burn off the glucose and keep space in the storage sites.

Glucose regulation depends upon glucose being shiffted out of blood stream under control of insulin. That insulin, the body instructs it cells to ignore on those cells filled up saturated. Conclusion: Keep space in those storage sites and the body stays in regulation.

Today's ole hunter gatherer gene/digestion system was optimized and protected against starvation in earlier times of high exercise, poor and scarce foods. Todays world with 24/7 availability of high grade carbs - grains, corn, rice adn trick ways to make a mountain of cheap sugar - high fructose corn sugar in a world full of low energy high tech computers, lap top, video games , wide screen TV - couch potato tools and entertainment is killing us all by rotting out our bodies on minimal exercise.

The unfortunate deal is our old bodies were never protected against 24/7 source of high grade foods and simply dumps every calorie it gets in gut into blood system and expects the body to exhaust, ged rid off. Good luck there.

Manual intervention by the human is required to enure energy balance and not overwheal body. On top of that liver leaks coupled in with this will also cause saturation of the body's ability to store and burn off glucose.

We need a new paradigm and one not based on the ole WCTU rant on alcohol in the dirty thirties and its all your own fault.

Far as I am concerned, not withstandng excellent research clearly showing otherwise, we seem to have too many well meaning good folks standing in the wrong dead end tunnel with the lights turned off that will only rot more bodies out.

The must have seen The Big Blue Test

Articles like this - well meant cause all sorts of grief.

The real fact is that the liquid energy loaded loose in blood stream by liver and gut/intestine foods eaten needs to be balanced by energy consumption consisting of lungs, brain, organs, gut and hearty exercise.

The amount of energy needing burning off is directly proportional to amount of calories consumed. Peddling crap like this that all one requires is a short blast of effort to burn off required liquid energy is dangerous, ignorant and unhelpful. It is the mentality of our media morons always looking for the easiest short sound bite that only applies to some few solutions/people who all ready getting additional energy burn. Those who are not needed longer periods of exercise and more regularly.

Energy balance is really needed every day and that includes sufficient hearty exercise.

For those working on the pharoh's tombs and edifices moving 2 ton stone blocks by hand, you can eat up on the best of the high energy carbs as well as attend Roman Orges every night without impact. The rest of us have to manage our energy balance in our bodies. And we are not talking about scrawny, thin, fat or heavy duty bodies. Stopping the t2 rot is all about energy balance for every one.

The issues as to why the disease progresses worse with time as liver leaks more and more may well have issues of genetics, gene damage, aging causing the problem and needing advanced science to stop.