USB Card - Really?

I just got my t:slim last night. I'm a complete novice with pumping and am waiting for all my various trainings before I use it. I did want to get started reading the documentation and such, though.

So this wallet sized usb memory card. Am I really supposed to stick that all plastic, thin thing into a usb plug? I've never stuck something that was all plastic and so thin into a USB plug before, I'm worried I'll damage it or the plug on my computer.

Am I missing something?

You can google the t:slim user guide and read it online. I have an iPad sooo I cannot use that card. I saved the user guide to my “Bookmarks”.

Thanks, Janice. I may do that. Once I talk to them about this card I'll report back with the info.

Question: what purpose does the card serve?
I'm still looking into the T:Slim. :)

Currently, the usb card only has a user manual on it....which you can download online....

The Tslim comes with a holster, micro usb and plug, a car adapter, usb card, medical card for wallet, and a small plastic ietm to help remove cartridges without scratching the device. The screen protector comes installed on the device.

I am overall pretty happy with the tSlim....I personally was not able to get over the look and screen of medtronic. I use with a dexcom and love it.

Medtronic has integrated CGM, but some appear to think it is not as accurate as dexcom. One advantage of medtronic is that it does not make any can hear a small sound when bolusing and basal w tSlim (though not audible when in pocket)....I kinda like it because I can tell it is doing something.

Well, I had a major "DOH" moment with this thing. I was trying to insert it upside down so it just wouldn't fit. I should have known the rule of thumb with all usb devices is you have to turn them around at least twice.

I'm really enjoying my t:slim a lot, especially with the software running (albeit not entirely without issues yet).

Did you get a Verio IQ Glucose Meter with yours?
I had heard the Tslim came with one but my sons did not. We just got it last week and are doing the startup tomorrow but I was hoping for another meter since its the one we currently use.
BTW our memory card didn't work so I just downloaded the pdf from the web site.

I just received my t:slim today and the Verio IQ was not shipped with it. I called Tandem and I was informed that the meter has been recalled. When they solve the problem with the meter, then the new meter will be shipped to those who did not receive one during the recall period.

I had opted not to get one because my insurance uses bayer meters and I was fine with that. After the pump came they then released the t;connect software and I learned that the Bayer meter isn't compatible with the software. So I called them back to ask for the verio but it was subsequently recalled, so I'm stuck in a holding pattern right now.

Fortunately it's very easy to just input your BGs into the pump without doing a bolus (unless you need a bolus) and then when you upload your pump data the BGs are with it. That's the way I'm doing it now and it's working fine.

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