Using a Planner to keep track of diabetes

Hello Everyone.

So I have been using a Passion Planner these last two years to keep track of my life, such as academics, work, appointments and reminders. It has helped me a lot, and is a nice time keeper, or memory book.

But one thing I would like to start this academic year is keeping track of my diabetes in this planner as my numbers are not doing well. Does anyone have a Planner and keeps track of their number in it?

Have a great day!

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If you’re using a Dexcom CGM, consider Sugarmate. It uses your Dexcom data for looking at trends in a simple dashboard to show short-term and long-term performance. and has a very nice event log to track insulin, infusion sites, injections, food, etc. It’s on the App Store with a somewhat more limited web site. Not sure about Android,

I love planners and paper. For years I used a very nice planner/log book from Animas. Now that they are not in business of course, it wont be available anymore. Some people love to see things on paper. I think you will be able to see patterns that way, just as well as with apps (to some degree).

Yea, I keep paper records (even if its on a scrap of envelope), then copy it into my planner, then copy it into digital format.

I think a planner will work fine. When I make paper records, I use a short hand, like

10:10a BG = 150 --> +2 ^5% 2 hrs
11:15a BG = 125 --> mini snickers
12:00 BG = 114
16:00 BG = 70 --> + 2 banana

Its just a small table of numbers on each day of my planner.

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I’ve always used a paper planner (since I was old enough to need one for grade school) - except for the brief time I used the phone calendar, until I realized after so many days/months, it erases everything! Argh! I wasn’t all too happy when I first made the realization … history was not maintained/saved.

What I use today, just for planning/calendar purposes really, is an academic year calendar, small so it fits in my purse. There are blocks on two pages for the month (right side and left side) which is what I use to plan events and behind the 12 months are weekly pages (same layout, the week is displayed on two pages, right and left). I’ve tried to use these weekly pages to enter my diabetes data, but I haven’t been very good with my tracking for the past few years.

After I was first diagnosed and for years after, I had made up a paper tracker of my own which I charted my bgs and doses, medications, pod/dex/trans changes, meals/snacks, and any notes. It fit nicely into a booklet small enough for my purse. I really need to start doing this again. I’m not going to be able to answer any questions, realistically, with any level of conviction, when I see my endo in a few months.

There was a time I used fitbit to track my meals and other data. But, that became problematic when the desktop, iPad, and iPhone were all different and I felt like I was using three different platforms. I lasted with that for over a year though. When my fitbit died, I didn’t replace my watch for over a year because I was having trouble deciding what to purchase.

Best of luck to you @Vanessa6 in finding something you’ll like and use!

@Paytone I’m going to take a look at Sugarmate. Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: