How I keep track. *Useful tools

Of all the things I have to do on a daily basis, now I have to add more things to the list; Checking my BG 8 times a day now, taking oral medications 3 times a day. Remembering to bolus before my meal, not right after. Remembering Dr. appointments etc.

On top of running a business and trying to keep sanity in my family, sometimes things get left out and keeping track is always a challenge. Fortunately I have a few tools that I like to use to keep me sane.

Number one; Google Calendar

I like it because I can have several different calendars, I actualy have about 8 of them of my own, a few shared ones, and a few public ones. I have one for T1D, and it has all my BG checks, Bolus reminders and Oral med reminders. Another one has all my Dr. Appointments, etc...

The other reason I like it is how well it works as a cloud calendar with several different apps.

Number two; Nudnik

Since I have an android phone, this one is great! It is actually my favorite app! It works with the calendars I have in google, and I can tell it to use specific ones and not others.

What it does is it doesn't let me forget any of those events, even If I forget to set a reminder for them.

The best feature is; when my phone is on vibrate, if I don't respond to the alarm, it will Unmute the phone and slowly increase the volume at specific intervals that I can set, until I do respond to the alarm.

Works great when I'm in another room, or its loud and I cant hear, or when I just don't feel my phone on vibrate.

These two are great but don't really let me know how well I'm doing thats where Goal Tracker comes in.

Number three; AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker

I love it because I can setup my Goals, and then track them based on each individual task. For instance "Did I check my BG 7-9 times today?" And I can answer on 4 levels of success. Maybe I only checked 4 times today, so give me a 2 out of 4 etc...

Let me know if there are any tools you like that help you keep track of your diabetes, and keep your diabetes on track!

EDIT: On the topic of android apps; I have one that I made! Its FREE, its a simple bolus calculator. You can't find it on Google play, here is a link; Bolus Calculator.apk... and here is the source if anyone wants to peek inside Bolus


Duh.........I wasn't aware of the Google calendar and think Its something I can make good use of, esp with all my doctor/lab appointments and prescription renewals. Thanks!!!

You will find it very useful, check out their Calendar Help page. Lots of features and cool stuff!

I'm still looking for an all inclusive app for my iPad. I want one that will track my BG, food, and be able to scan an item and add it to my food list. My Fitness Pal will scan and track my food, but not anything diabetes related. So far I haven't found any that will. Of course, all I have check out are the free ones. ; )

I haven't used the iPad for a while but I know that the apps by MyNetDiary Inc. are nice!

They have a free version with a scanner... and they have a very nice diabetes specific version that is alot like the free one with the scanner and all.

It looks like the apps have improved since I used them, so if you try it out, let us all know!

Just got my first email reminder this morning. LOVE IT!!!!