Using G6 with non-approved Android phone model

I’m debating whether to upgrade to G6 from G5. Does anyone know whether there is a bootleg app to use G6 with non-approved Android phones? I’ve been successfully using the G5 with a Motorola G5+ (though the app is not available from Dexcom for this phone - was made available by a hacker), but I want to be certain that I can keep my phone before upgrading to G6.

There is. Probably same (or similar) place as you got the G5 one from. I have looked at it but never used it.

Try installing it first. (ie - before upgrade to actual G6 hardware)

I have a similar issue as I would like Using G5 on my phone but it is Android HTCU12+ Anybody know where I can get a hack for this phone?

Use xDrip.

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Thank you

I have a moto 6 Android phone and using a tweaked dextron app that works great

For Android users try these. I have used them on my and my spouses phones with no issues.



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Thanks! Decided that I better stick with the G5 for now as I still have about a dozen sensors that I can’t afford to waste, but will save the links should I need them later.

most welcome! BTW, you cold always migrate to XDrip which works with both iterations of the Dexcom platform and most Android phones. If you are a Iphone user, look at Spike