Looking for examples not-supported SmartPhones working with Dexcom G6 application

Good users, I’m asking if anyone is successfully using the Dexcom G6 sensor and app, with a smartphone that is NOT on the compatibility list?

I know from a design/testing perspective, there are numerous elements that must align to ensure product function: compatibility between devices: [ G6 Sensor/Transmitter ] + [ G6 Software App] + [ Android / iPhone device ] + [ Device OS ] to make a working solution. It’s a lot of product verification work!
However, the list specifies only newer higher end flagship products, or older, no longer available from the carrier ( have to go to Amazon, or the pawnshop ( i.e., LG G5, iPhone5S)) type models.

Does anyone use a slightly newer phone that is not on the defined list, but the G6 sensor / transmitter / application is working fine?

If: ‘YES’ I am successfully using a not supported phone! " , please identify your phone and model type: ( i.e LG K41S, model: LMK410V30 ( not on the list).
NB: I am particularly interested in product that will operate in the NorthAmerica, Canadian carrier market.
Thank you.

Yes, I am using non-supported android phone. BUT not using standard dexcom app.
There are 2 options.
Use xDrip or
Use a patched version of dexcom app.

I use xDrip. I can also get cgm info on my watch, from xDrip.
There are many topics here on how to install and use xDrip.
Here is link to full details on xDrip.

Here is video on using patched Dexcom app. (I tried this but not currently using).

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Yes, Google pixel 4 with XDrip and modified Dexcom app with play store restrictions removed through reddit.

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Thank-you for the reference to XDrip and the modified Dexcom app.
I’m wanting to avoid a “higher end” andriod / iPhone device for cost savings rationale, yet wanting to use the Dexcom app on a mid-range device.

So the reddit modified Dexcom app will run on any Android 6.0+

Ohhhhhhh!!! Bonus! I can then try it on my existing device, maybe. Although, the original G6 app, when installed, advised my device was not compatible ( LG G4, running version 6.0). I’ll try it again tonight. Thank-you!

Success: thank you both very much! Non supported LG G4, Android 6.0, running the reddit modified Dexcom G6 app/International.
When I do upgrade my phone, I know I can get a “less than flagship” model, and save my $ for other things, like a box of sensors!

According to the Dexcom site, my phone should not work (iOS14.8, now upgrading to 15, so we will see if that works!).